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A new scandal sheet from USA Today Bestseller Jess Michaels!!!

When the Earl of Martingale died, his daughter Marianne discovered he had been stealing. When she tried to return the items, it only created a scandal that could destroy her and her beloved younger sister. Now she's found one more item and decides to just sneak it back to the victim in the hopes to keep her disgrace from growing.

Alexander Wittingham, the Duke of Avondale, has isolated himself since his sister died. But when he catches the fetching Marianne trying to return his sister's stolen broach, her presence awakens desires in him, longings he hasn't allowed himself to feel in years. When he realizes her dire straits, he makes her a shocking offer that could save her...if she's willing to surrender her body.

Their affair draws them close physically...and emotionally. But will Alexander ever accept Marianne to be more than his lover? If he does, will it be too late? 

Novella Length

March 5
The Passionate Pen
Passionate Pen LLC

Customer Reviews

Stanhop3234 ,

So very good!

A thief in the night caught red handed, a deal made to shield further ruin and a affair that will change their lives for ever.
Marianne, daughter of the Earl of Martingale’s reputation was ruined the day she discovered her fathers secret, he was a thief. She thought returning the items was the only right thing to do, then word got out to the ton and all seemed lost. She has a few weeks to find a home and a future for her and her sister Juliet. When she finds on last item she decides to return it secretly to its owner.
Alexander Wittingham, Duke of Avondale has hidden away from society for years. A dual gone wrong and his sisters death confirmed he was truly the beast he had become. Catching the beautiful and sassy Marianne sneaking into his home is the first time in years he’s felt any kind of emotion.
When Alexander hears Marianne’s story they struck a bargain one month of pleasure and a promise of security for her and her sister.
Marianne sees past Alexander’s scare to the wounded man beneath. Alexander knows he’s to damaged for anyone as innocent and beautiful as Marianne but he needs her like he’s never needed anything before. She tries to show him he’s worthy of love but Alexander is a stubborn man and continually pushes her away. Marianne has no problem telling Alexander what she wants or feels but getting through to him just might be impossible.
I loved this book, Alexander and Marianne were perfect for each other. It was a quick read that I could not put down. You can always count on Jess Michaels to write a intriguing and entertaining book.

Armik B ,

Stealing The Duke

This book was not a favorite, I liked the characters but it did not seem as complete kind of a short story. She is one of my favorite authors I have read every book she has written under all names, and usually always give 5 stars -I look forward the next in the series.

Gallowaygirly ,

Great love story

This is a well written story of how love can be found when least expected. After Marianne’s father dies and his stealing is found out, she and her sister are given one month to vacate their home. She is caught trying to return the last stolen piece of jewelry to the Duke of Avondale. Alexander makes her an offer, spend one month with him at his beck and call and he will allow she and her sister Juliet to live in a cottage on his estate and he will provide a dowry for Juliet when the time comes. With no place to go, she accepts the offer. There is a HEA but a lot happens before this comes about. This is a wonderful love story, sexually graphic and I would highly recommend this book.

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