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Look for Stealth Triumph, June 2022!

The nanomites have uncovered a vast international intrigue, a conspiracy comprising thousands of individuals in key positions across the planet. Their organization is led by the wealthy, powerful, and elite—militant ideologues who believe they possess the right to determine the future of humankind.

They call themselves the Global Community, but the nanomites prefer the term Jayda and Zander have given the conspirators: the Cabal.

Jayda Cruz, members of the Global Community speak of themselves in lofty, righteous terms; however, the noun "cabal" means a plot or scheme with treacherous objectives. "Cabal" more accurately expresses the Global Community's agenda as well as their methodologies.

"Zander and I agree, Nano. The Cabal's agenda and methodologies are evil, fueled by all things wicked and destructive. It is clear from our personal encounters with their people that the Cabal derives its strength and inspiration from Satan, the enemy of our souls."

This so-called Global Community is committed to evolving into an overarching one-world agency with authority over all national governments. Their methods? Bring down the economies and military strength of the planet's mightiest countries. In the vacuum left behind, the Cabal's global "oversight" agency will ascend to power.

To that end, Cabal leadership sows unrest within and between nations. They sponsor acts of terrorism. They manipulate elections to crush their enemies and replace them with agents loyal to their cause. They embezzle funds from government coffers to fund their activities and enrich themselves. Their most ruinous action to date was to engineer and deploy a highly contagious virus.

This virus has already killed more than a million people and sickened millions more. Illness and loss of life have crippled the world's supply chains. Under the weight of increasing terrorist strikes, abnormal crop failures, and natural disasters of Biblical proportions, country after country descends into famine and anarchy.

Meanwhile, America herself faces food and fuel shortages her citizens never dreamed possible and for which they are utterly unprepared. Lawlessness grows as urban infrastructures collapse and law enforcement officers remain home to protect their own families and property. Violent gangs roam city streets unchallenged, looting and burning. Some of them are paid to target opponents of the Global Community.

When Jayda and Zander peer into the nanomites' counterinsurgency activities, they observe odd movements within the Cabal ranks. They soon realize that they are witnessing a "bugging out" of top Cabal figures, a retreat to a safe haven that signals the approach of yet another Cabal strike.

What is this new threat looming on the horizon? Jayda and Zander can only surmise that it must be something even more ruinous and terrifying than what is already overwhelming humanity.

Book 1: Stealthy Steps
Book 2: Stealth Power
Book 3: Stealth Retribution
Book 4: Deep State Stealth
Book 5: Stealth Insurgence
Book 6: Stealth Triumph, June 2022

Fiction & Literature
June 2
Faith-Filled Fiction
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