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***This is a SUPER PLUS LENGTH NOVEL--over 155,000 words long***
Dr. Penelope Wainright--Penny to her friends--is an archeologist on a serious mission for the Kindred. She must find the Eye of Tengu, an ancient stone artifact, before it awakens and causes horrible death and destruction. But before she goes to the Yown System, where the Eye has been hidden, she is given a warning--stay way from Hell's Gate Station and the notorious pirate, V'rex, who makes it his home base. But through a series of mishaps, where does she end up? On Hell's Gate Station, alone and vulnerable, of course. And you can guess who she runs into...

V'rex is a Hybrid--half Beast Kindred and Half Kru'ell One. The minute he sees Penny lost and alone, he knows he has to have her. The curvy little plus-sized female is exactly his type and he's about to go get her...when fate intervenes. After being drugged and kidnapped, he wakes up in the compound of a fertility cult. By chance, Penny has been kidnapped as well, and soon they are forced together as "Forever Mates" by the fanatical cult leader.

Penny is frightened to death of the huge Hybrid, who is tasked by the cult to impregnate her. V'rex wants the little human, but he doesn't want to hurt her. Now they must work together to escape what seems to be an inescapable situation. But can Penny trust the male she has been warned against? And can V'rex keep her safe from the fanatical cult and their "Glorious Leader?" You'll have to read Stolen to find out...

October 31
Evangeline Anderson
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Racy Carr ,


Another wonderful book.

I bet when Penny set out on her adventure she did not expect to end up in the situation she ended up with or with the one Kindred she was supposed to stay away from.

I personally loved V’rex. He was so sexy and would do anything to keep Penny safe. I love the connection he had with her the moment he saw her.

This was a great story and had a lot of creativity in the story. I just love the imagination that the author brings to the stories. I love the battle that Penny is going through when it comes to V’rex but is scared of him.

This is a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It is one that has a little of everything you could want in a story and one I would highly recommend.

veteran Rising ,

Better together

Such a fantastic addition to the Kindred series! I really fell in love with these characters. They suffered through so much and yet managed to find that connection with each other when they needed it. I especially enjoyed all of the different locations and layers to the story. The author kept it interesting throughout, and each time I thought I found my favorite part she brought something new to the table. This book is full of action and danger, it does have some triggers, but the emotional intensity is what really made the story. I truly enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read all about the next couple that find their way to their HEA.

R. Manor ,

Stolen: Kindred Brides 25

Stolen: Brides of the Kindred 25 - Evangeline Anderson

This continuation of the Kindred Brides Series is a blessedly long, intriquite full length novel that takes readers through several different adventures and events on this couples’ quest.
Several of the new Kindred stories involve women who now work for the mothership in a professional capacity, which is a great new development and interesting how the earth women can contribute to their society other than as mates.
Penelope (Penny) is an archeologist working for the mothership given the assignment to recover an ancient artifact that could destroy the world if awakened. It is evil and must not be awakened by any sun exposure. Penny has been sent together with a mated pair of kindred who unfortunately get frozen within some time bubble when they land on a dangerous outpost to fix repairs to the spaceship.
Penny escapes being frozen and finds herself looking for a way to contact the mother ship at a bar filled with questionable aliens. She attracts the eye of the one hybrid Kindred/ Kru’ell one , supposed pirate, she has been warned to stay away from “V’rex”.
Before she knows it she has been abducted and transferred to a strange planet ruled by a cult. There the leader “The Golden One” has drugged and developed a whole society built for childbearing and the dominance of the males.
V’rex also finds himself abducted and is disturbed to find the alluring female from the spaceport also kidnapped. Since neither he nor Penny have been hypnotized they join forces to escape.
Physical and mental attraction form a serious bond between the two although they do try to resist. Many crazy adventures including side-effects of the drugs, lead to an exciting , thrilling, sometimes 🔥🔥🔥escape from the cult.
V’rex insists he is going to help retrieve the ancient artifact with Penny, and from there we experience a more crazy new worlds and experiences.
The author hit it out of the ballpark with world and character building as well as weaving several storylines into the main storyline.
The story had me booked page one thru the end. It’s a roller coaster ride of excitement, suspense, danger, strange surprises, plenty of emotional feels, sizzling chemistry, it’s a long entertaining road to a well won HEA!

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