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Captain Lyra III is known for his vicious attitude and brilliance in battle. Second youngest of the infamously passionate and handsome sons of Lyra, he’s a born leader and doesn’t take no for an answer. Except this time. Acer is facing a future that seems like a nightmare, a future that has shaken him and made him realise that the one thing he truly wanted in life may have just slipped through his grasp—his engineer, Stella.

Stella fell for Acer the moment she was transferred to his ship by his brother, Captain Lyra II. A year on his ship and never being noticed by him unless she’s done something wrong, she’s come to accept that she won’t be the one to tame this prince’s passionate heart, but it doesn’t make her feelings disappear and doesn’t stop her dreaming that she might capture him yet.

Attacked en route to Lyra Prime they find themselves stranded alone in the middle of deep space and things reach boiling point when the climate control breaks down. Trapped with only each other for company, it’s not long before the truth comes out about their feelings for each other and Acer’s reason for returning to Lyra Prime.

When Stella discovers Acer is duty bound to marry a woman of Lyran aristocracy, she offers him a night to remember her by, but will it be enough or will it cause them more pain than pleasure? Returning to Lyra Prime, will Stella’s heart falter or will she rise to the challenge and fight for Acer? Will Acer be able to find the strength to forsake his family in the name of true love?

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August 29
Felicity Heaton
Felicity Heaton

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