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Fleeing for their lives, Jess and Pavel make it to the moon, narrowly avoiding the attack on Space Station 92-AE. They should be safe and happy, but they discover they are not alone on Tranquility Base. The stranger they encounter seems uniquely qualified to leak their presence to Chancellor Lucca Brezhnaya, especially when the Marsians contemplate airing Lucca's political dirty laundry. But Lucca has already shown she would destroy worlds rather than see her secrets exposed.

Young Adult
December 16
Williams Press
Cidney Swanson

Customer Reviews

Gary LaPointe http://GarySaid.com/ ,

Book 5 does not disappoint! Jess and Pavel are one of my favorite couples ever (I guess I should say

Jessamyn and her team are in hiding on The Moon and trying to get supplies so they can get out of hiding and stop the impending attack on Mars. But even while they are stuck cooling their heels, they have an exiting time!

In their free time they are helping to launch a social media smear campaign against the evil Chancellor Lucca ("smear" isn't exactly the right word when she is really that evil!), which is very interesting on how they handle it from a political/social standpoint.

While at the same time their are concerns on Mars, the attacks from last time (book 4) have put a severe strain on Mars already limited resources. The people of Mars are amazing the way they work together so selflessly (except for the occasional bad person) and how their society works together.

This is one of my favorite series of books and it's only a few years old. This is a series that I never want to end, hopefully there are many more books to come.

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