Stroke and Brain Injury Unraveled: Prevention, Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Recovery and Rehabilitation of One of the Most Debilitating Maladies You Hope You Never Have in Your Lifetime

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A stroke can be the most traumatic experience in a person’s life. It not only changes the entire world for an individual all of a sudden but also takes a colossal toll on his or her family members. A major stroke can confine a person to bed for an indefinite period, or even kill him or her due to its consequences. If the stroke is acute, and the individual is still alive, the person keeps thinking he or she might die anytime soon. Besides ruminating about things he or she had planned for the future that perhaps will not come to fruition anymore.

A person can lose his or her memory, voice, motor skills, languages, swallowing ability, vision, and be under constant pain. And these are some of the consequences of a severe stroke. Unfortunately, somebody who has had a massive stroke and lost his or her voice cannot even express how he or she is feeling deep inside.

Read this book to get latest research-based and empirical information about this debilitating disease, find answers to common questions and how to preempt stroke in most situations.

Here are some of the topics you will learn from this book about stroke and brain damage:

* How to identify if you already might have had a silent stroke in the past, like a TIA stroke without you ever realizing it.

* How to envisage with reasonable accurately whether you are a candidate for an Ischemic stroke or a Hemorrhagic stroke in the future.

* What symptoms should you be vigilant about to understand that you might be having a stroke right now, and what you need to do promptly to prevent significant brain damage?

* How a stroke survivor’s mental health and emotional health become issues of major concern and what should be the roles and responsibilities of the family members and caregivers.

* How to prevent recurrence of a stroke and what precautions the stroke survivor and family members should take.

* How family members and caregivers can offer the best care and treatment to a stroke patient at home while taking care of their own emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.

* How to alleviate the patient of any anxiety disorder especially in the presence of friends and strangers and how to prevent the patient from going into a state of depression.

* What diagnostics tests should be ordered by your doctor and which tests should not be done on a patient as a result of previous medical history and prevent further complications?

* What are the best ways and techniques for quick stroke recovery so that the patient can get back to a normal routine?

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March 21
Arun Thaploo
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Great framer into stroke recovery and what you expect.

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