Stuck in a Wall 3 – Book Bundle

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The three young women in these three steamy short stories are stuck with nowhere to go. Literally. In this bundle, you will find:

Used by Strangers in Public

You would be lying if you said you didn't expect this to happen when you stuck your head- well, the top half of your body through the tight window. Your butt has always been too big for the rest of you and, let's face it, you are utterly, completely stuck. That's fine, though! You hear someone approaching you from behind, so you call out for help.

The person ignores you. You wish you can see him, but you can only feel the warmth of his body behind you and you shudder when you feel his finger tracing the path of your spine back to where your body is stuck at the window.

You call out to him again, but instead of helping you, he starts stripping you!

The thing is, though, you expected this to happen as well. You've agreed to do this, after all, to be stuck in a public place and then filled up by strangers that you can't even see.


Willingly Humiliated in Public

Jenny has a good career, a cozy apartment, and a generally boring, but comfortable life. She didn't set out to change any of that deliberately. She's just looking for a little bit of excitement in her life.

There's this abandoned mall she walks past on the way home every evening and inside of the mall is a hole in the wall that has been beckoning her for weeks. What starts as a harmless fascination turns in to an obsession. Weeks later, she's stripping and climbing into the hole, getting herself stuck willingly so she can get off on the fantasy of being filled up while she can't even see the person doing it.

She doesn't expect to be caught in the act, and then have her mysterious lover bring his friends along to satisfy all her carnal desires. She just wants a little bit of excitement in life... and this humiliation is exactly what she needs.


Sign Up to be Humiliated

Allison is not the most popular girl on campus. Far from it, in fact. Her reputation as a snitch is earned from her tattling on her peers whenever they mess up, but she's an RA for her building, which means she's totally supposed to stitch on them.

It also means that she doesn't have many friends and thusly doesn't get invited to parties. So when she suddenly gets invited to a frat party, she is understandably suspicious... She is a smart girl. She knows they aren't planning anything good for her and she knows the reputation of that particular frat house.

She has walked into one of their 'parties' once before and it involved people stripping and enjoying themselves... and each other, in broad daylight with people filming everything.

An invitation means an opportunity to be debased and humiliated by people who has probably been waiting for this very opportunity.

She shouldn't go.

She knows she shouldn't go.

She goes anyways.

Fiction & Literature
April 29
Daisy Rose
Draft2Digital, LLC

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