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Summer's Landing can be a Standalone novel or read in Order.

***Loving Summer is Soon to be a Featured Film Set to Release 2018 ***

***Currently in Pre-production. Filming begins this summer 2017 in Los Angeles, California***


"The perfect summer read" - Michelle, Book Briefs Reviews

"Not only did it keep me in suspense of what was happening, but the character's responses were believable. Gow really impressed me with this book and I am looking forward to reading her other books." - YA Fiction Book Reviews

"I love the romance, but there are bigger issues the author tackles in this book that is appropriate for older teens and young adults and felt realistic." - Constance

Summer's Landing

Summer's Landing is a new series about a more mature Summer Jones who is now 28 and working as a surgeon in Los Angeles. She was engaged to her long-time love, but now life is about to change with her fiance hovering between life and death. As a surgeon, she deals with life and death decisions everyday, but when tragedy hits too close to home, Summer faces the biggest decision in her life, one she will fall upon at a place called Summer's Landing.
I Can. Not. Believe. It.

Another tragedy. Another death. Now the man I am set to marry...the man I want to marry is hovering between life and death. We've just found his missing brother who had been under a different identity, a different life all this time. He's back in our lives...my fiance's smart, genius, and now hotter than ever older brother, who happens to be my first love since childhood...just to now have my fiance close to death.

How ironic? It's like the stars do not want us together. It's like we will never be together...my fiance and I. I don't know what to do...I don't know if I can do anything.

But it's as if somehow fate has another mind of its own. I won't know until all this plays out. My entire life has been a roller coaster, and now it seems it will come to a stop. I just need to know how to land.

He's there to help me...And I'm there too. Somehow the answers are there...at Summer's Landing.

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March 31
Kailin Gow
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