Book 9 - The Springs

Summit of Passion

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A first love, fake relationship, small-town romance from USA Today Best Selling Author, Elena Aitken.

She chose her career over her heart. Now they have a second chance. But only if they trust themselves enough to take it.

When Deanna Gordon left Marcus Stone behind to pursue her dreams, she not only broke his heart, but hers. Now she needs his help but it will come with a price. 


The only thing Marcus needs in his life is to get back on the professional snowboarding circuit. Something he’ll be able to do if he buys into Deanna’s crazy plan. A plan that could cost him a whole lot more than he’s willing to risk.


 After all these years, their attraction is stronger than ever and as much as she tries to pretend it isn’t real, the love between them never really died. Now Deanna must decide whether she can leave Marcus again—for good—or whether a second chance at love is worth giving up everything.

May 25
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Elena Aitken

Customer Reviews

99.nikita ,

Another gem in The Springs series and The Summit trilogy

"Summit of Passion" by Elena Aitken

Elena Aitken has written yet another gem in The Springs series and The Summit Trilogy.

The story of Marcus and Deanna is one of pure love and devotion, yet filled with conflict, misunderstanding, and often ill-fated actions. From the beginning, the attraction between Marcus and Deanna is felt by the reader and it they are quickly drawn into their web of the past and the present.

Throughout their story, there are so many sub-stories taking place. A couple is wed, another is trying to conceive, another is working through a long distance relationship. Friendships are cemented, tested, rebuilt and strengthened.

Those who have read the books in the order they have been released, will find that many characters are brought forth once again. Some have their lives fully cemented and their is closure in their story, while others arrive again for a single purpose and the reader is again drawn in by their charismatic personality and side story.

Having read every book this author has written from very early on, as well as the Castle Mountain Lodge series (definitely not to be missed) and the crossover to The Springs, Elena's writing continually gets better and better, as do each of her novels. While I have absolutely loved each and every novel or short story she has written, it is my opinion that Summit of Passion is definitely one of the best novels she has written. (Her best novella would easily be "Love Me, Love Me Not.")

Any reader who picks up any book written by Elena Aitken will not only fall in love with the story and the characters, but will always end up feel happy, satisfied and wanting to read more...

I look forward to the next book in the series introducing us to a new family in Cedar Springs.

AllRomanceReader ,

Welcome back to Stone Summit

Summit of Passion gives the reader the opportunity to come back to Cedar Springs, check in with some of your favorite residents, and dig into the story that the author teases you with at the end of Summit of Seduction. In Summit of Passion, we finally get to understand Marcus and what makes him tick, and that is apparently Deanna. What I liked about this book that I don't often see in other connected books is how interrelated this story was with other stories, and characters, in the Stone Summit series. You get to see the dynamic of Deanna's relationship with Kylie, who found her happily ever after in Second Glances and Summit of Desire, as Kylie observes Deanna's developing relationship with Marcus. Kylie realizes Deanna's role in the breakdown of her previous relationship with Marcus. The feelings leap off the page as we observed Kylie and Deanna hash out their circumstances. You also get to see more of the twin dynamic, since Marcus's twin, Malcolm, is the one now with Kylie. So many interrelated relationship lead to tension as Marcus and Deanna are navigating their relationship.

There were other parts of this story that just didn't sit right with me. Deanna is a doctor and she acts completely unprofessional in her dealings with Marcus in a professional capacity, and frankly, she acts extremely immature for a 30-year old. She strikes a deal with Marcus, inappropriately leveraging her professional relationship with him, rather than having an honest conversation with her parents about what she wants out of life. And the ethics issues just didn't sit right with me and tainted the remainder of the book for me.

I also felt this book was rushed. It was a quick read - I read it in an afternoon - but I felt like there was so much more that could have been added into the story to give it more depth and richness. The couple in question basically have two "staged" dates, each involving sex, the hero leaves, the heroine cries, the hero comes back, hero and heroine reconcile and all is happy. I just felt the author left so much on the table that could have been developed to a deeper level than it was.

My misgivings aside, the book was still well written, the dialog was enticing, and the sex scenes were steamy. I won't let my discomfort with this book turn me away from future Elena Aitken books.

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