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For everyone around the world who believes in the power of lullabies and the necessity of peace. This work is illustrated and animated by the brilliant young artist, Mei Li. The lyrics and musical arrangement are by A.D. Lubow, A.D. Woods and Chris Whittaker.

This book is also meant for leaders all over the world. Warning: before you think about making war, consider this—your actions could harm moms who are singing their babies to sleep.

This multimedia book opens with an animation set to an original musical arrangement with lyrics by Arthur Lubow, A.D. Woods and Chris Whittaker. The music is performed by Kathryn Papa, Soprano; David Michael Gerry, Baritone; Mark Chien, Violin; Jacob Nordlinger, Cello; Chris Whittaker, Piano

After the video plays, you are invited to read the book and enjoy the illustrations with your children at your own pace.

We’re offering this multimedia book through the holiday season to all those who want to spread its message of peace. Please pass this along to a friend.  And do remind your political leaders that, as we speak, there are moms all over the world singing lullabies to their babies. Do them no harm.

© 2019 A.D. Lubow

Arts & Entertainment
June 25
COSMOlogic Press
Arthur Lubow

Customer Reviews

aar m ,


Another brilliant manifestation of Arthur Lubow‘s genius. Is there anything more fundamental or universal than the heart-wrenching beauty of a mother’s song in her baby’s ear? It is every bit as touching to this father as an observer. This work focuses our attention on a mystery to which all of us except the very most unfortunate are initiates. I wonder how much better the world in which we live would be if we all occasionally stripped away the clutter of daily life and put everything in the context of the love that every mother has for every child. This is the issue so touchingly placed before us. I can hardly express how grateful I am for the experience of considering it. This should be required hearing and reading for those who interact with the desperate children approaching our borders whose only possessions are often their parents love and their hope for a decent future.


The Katz Family ,


What a beautiful experience. This lullaby is touching, meaningful and simply exquisite. What a world we could have if this message could truly get out.

ReadMoreFour ,

Great read!

Great read!

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