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The New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author whose “skill at capturing emotion in lyrical passages sets her head and shoulders above her peers” (Publishers Weekly) dives head first into the world of psychological thrillers with “one twisted, horrifying ride [that] kept me up the night after I finished it” (Kim Harrison).

When Kristine Rush’s fiancé is abducted from a desolate rest stop en route from Las Vegas to Lake Arrowhead, California, she is forced to choose: return home unharmed or plunge forward into the searing Mojave desert to find him…where a murderer lies in wait.

One road. One woman. One killer.

Speeding against the clock, and uncertain if danger lies ahead or behind, Kristine blazes an epic path through the gaudy flash of roadside casinos, abandoned highway stops, and a landscape rife with unimaginable horrors. Desperate to save her doomed husband-to-be, she must summon long forgotten resources to go head-to-head against an unpredictable killer. And she’d better hurry. Because she only has twenty-four hours…to make one hell of a trip.

Mysteries & Thrillers
July 7
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Customer Reviews

Bed deb 2012 ,

Caution: This one WILL affect you to the point of men in little white suits. Ha!!!

Wow, this was one never ending page turner!! It started out just about at the beginning of the story with this woman's husband disappearing. Then the hunt to find her fiancé was on. Parts of it were pretty gory for those of you with weak stomachs, but I didn't have a problem with them.

This book had me jumping up and down and screaming at these characters either to help them out or to curse them out depending on who it was. I definitely could not put it down. In fact, I had to find something else to read to take my mind off of it so I could go to sleep. It had me that worked up. And it was even 1:30 in the morning.

This is definitely one not to miss and I highly recommend it!

Thanks Gallery and Net Galley for the opportunity and enjoyment to read and review this definite adrenaline rush.

Ebeneezer44 ,


This was a B horror movie in print form...outlandish and totally unbelievable, a waste of hours not to be reclaimed

Fairygirlrae ,

Sometimes spilling your coffee can change your world...

Ever thought your life was settled and all was just as you wanted it to be? Ever had one action or decision, either intentional or accidental cause your entire world to SWERVE off the rails?

Kristine Rush knows EXACTLY how you feel!!! After working a 12-hour shift, she settles into her fiancé's luxury car for a holiday away and NOTHING is ever the same again!!!

What would you do if the people you love were threatened? Would you kill? Would you allow yourself to be killed? Would you fight back? Would you ask for help from strangers, never knowing if they're the one after you?

In her first thriller Vicki Pettersson reminds her readers why we adore her books!! Her beautiful prose and descriptions always pull her readers into the story and make it come alive. Swerve is no different!!! Once again her genius has created a world that you don't want to miss!!

But be warned...This page turner will keep you up at night!! And once you've read it, you may want to sleep with the lights on and your doors locked!!

Keep your knives close and remember...We've all been told rest stops are dangerous...And sometimes YOU might just be what the monsters should fear!!!

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