One Fear

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Publisher Description

A storm. An abduction. A game that can't be won … or can it?

"My one fear is now my reality."

He didn't offer his name when he fulfilled his need to include me as a player in his game.
I'm number thirteen. Just a number given to the women who wronged him.

I was blindsided. Stolen from my life. In his devilled eyes, I have a debt to pay…he wants my final breath to see us even.

"I know who you are Morgan Banks, the question is, who am I? Five games will set you free when you can tell me who I'd be."- The Wolf. 

Am I strong enough to take on the Wolf?

ONE FEAR is book one in the Game of Life series from international bestselling author Belle Brooks about revenge and abduction in a game of cat and mouse. It's the first book in the captivating GAME OF LIFE series.



"Aaahhhh this was bleeping intense, read it, read it now! One Fear was gripping, it was this damned rabbit hole... I just couldn't get enough and when I reached the end I went back and started it OVER. Yep, I went and reread it the same day." ~ One Click Romance

"One Fear will take your breath away! It pulls you in and weaves a web of wickedness and fear so tight around you that you can't put it down!!! Belle Brooks shows us yet again her brilliance and genius! Bowing to her magnificent talent! One Fear is a must!!! Come play along!"  ~ Wordlust

"A richly dark and intensely compelling read." ~ Old Dave's Romance Reviews

"I knew Belle Brooks was a genius when it came to words, but I didn't realize just how evil she could be. Yes, I read Always You, but there was a beauty to that evil cry-fest. One Fear is different. So different and so good. I couldn't put it down, even when I had to get up and do real life things the book went with me." ~ Author, Abrianna Marchesotti

"What the bl**dy h**l did I just experience, and I say experience instead of read as my heart is still pounding loudly in utter shock and fright after just putting this down." ~ Beckie Bookworm

"This author ain't playing games. There were no sweet nothings to lull you into a sense of security. No gentle prodding to warm you up to the idea of the terror to come. Nope, she dumped us right into the thick of things. Right into the horror show ... " ~ Natalie The Biblioholic

Mysteries & Thrillers
July 7
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Customer Reviews

Donnajoblank ,


Compelling mystery that keeps your heart racing. In true Belle Brooks fashion, you feel each feeling and emotion that the characters feel. Have No Fear that you will love this story as I did. Can't wait to read how this story plays out ! Who is the Big Bad Wolf??!!

RLLind ,

Great start to a series

This was an interesting read. I really enjoyed the suspense behind it, and I found the first half of the book to go by really fast. It did seem to slow down quite a bit in the second half, as both main characters spent more time talking to themselves about what was going on and what they should do/should have done than any action that was taking place. I look forward to reading more of this series to see what happens next.

DeWaide09 ,

Are you ready for a dark and twisted read??

Belle has stepped out of her usual writing style and completely nailed this one! One Fear will instantly grab your attention until the very end. That little fear tucked away in the corner of your brain just got shoved the front. Imagine someone sinister calling all the shots, every movement, even thought, it consumes you...This is the world Belle Brooks has created, and this is just the first book in the series! I'm dying for the second one already.

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