Swift From Two to Three

a quick migration guide

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Swift 3 is a major, breaking language change. Are you ready to make the jump? Let "Swift from Two to Three" help you along the way. From migrating your code, updating your style, and adopting new Swift features, this book ushers you into the newly refreshed language. Learn what changed, why it changed, and how you can update your code using this hands-on guide that covers all the major difference with plenty of examples and insight. 


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September 15
Erica Sadun
Erica Sadun

Customer Reviews

Prenez ,

A uniquely useful book

I have to confess, I've been a little light in my presence on the swift evolution forum, as life has intervened quite a bit over the last year. I've managed to keep up though, because Erica keeps me kept up, with her great posts on her website. I get the straight dope without having to worry too much about the arguments pro and con. i'm too buried in making a big gap right now to be willing to commit a lot of my time theory — even fascinating theory in practice.

Her new book is an extension of that irreplaceable practice, her curating of that thread an providing acutely perceptive commentary on how the decisions were arrived at, presented in such a way that you can skim off the results or, if you care to, dive in as deep as you like.

i've never regretted buying a book by Erica, but this one is unique — it's an invention of a new kind of book, one I've never seen before. it's presented as a series of nuggets about what the language change was, a little commentary, a little code to play with, and a link to the documentation in the original forum on Swift.org. Because Swift 3 has a lot of breaking changes, but also a lot of flat out invention, it's the ideal form for this material, especially for someone who is already read through swift 1.0 (in a warm February rainstorm in South Beach in a Starbucks on Lincoln Road) to Swift 2.3, and really doesn't want to read a whole book about the language again. Instead of giving me a book where I grit my teeth, roll up my sleeves and get to work, she's giving me a book to play with and have fun with, and snuck in the learning. she's made the book enticing and irresistible. Clever clever girl!

favorite line of the book — "Objective-C method names are like a novel; Swift names are like haiku."

I hope you enjoy it as much as I am enjoying it now.

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