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At 16 I was taken. 

Kidnapped by a boy I thought I could love. 

Then he sold me as if I were property. 

For three years I endured. 




I never broke. 

I was strong, determined, resilient. 

But then one day it happened…I broke. 

Setting me free. 

I should have run away, found a new life, and started over. 

Instead, I returned. 

To find the man who sold me. 

Taken by Lies is book 1 in a dark romantic suspense series.

March 26
Ella Miles LLC
Ella Miles

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Next for Kai and Enzo

This is the next installment of Kai and Enzo’s story. If you didn’t read the first book then you can read it in this one as Part I. It picks up where part one left off and Kia was taken. You find out what happened to her and if she is reunited with Enzo. It is filled with emotional conversations and could contain trigger material for some readers. Looking forward to seeing what the next book brings.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

RobbobReview ,

Tall Dark and Handsome? And, Oh, So Scary

Verified ARC Reader
by robbob19

He’s dark. He’s Dangerous. He’s Powerful.

His name is Enzo ….. Enzo Black. Oh, I forgot to mention, he also is cruel.

She’s complicated. She’s loyal. She’s fearlessly shrewd. She’s a survivor.

Her name is Kai …. Katherine 'Kai’ Miller. And, I failed to mention, she is broken… but then she’s not. She lives for that very reason. She won’t be broken. And because she won’t break, she’s bruised, she's burned, she's scarred and tortured over and over.

The story of Enzo and Kai is complex... It's perplexing. It’s a story that will lure you into the pages, making you absorb each word. It’s a story that will have you questioning many things as you read. It will have you wondering who is the main culprit? I say main, because there are bad ‘boys’ and then there are BAD ‘boys’…. men actually.

Who ordered her breaking? And WHY? Will they live to take their final breath while looking at her? Will she be their end?

And what about Mason? Hmmmmmm…...

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Evieo17 ,


I’m not sure why I’m surprised at how cruel people can be to other people. For Enzo, Kai was just a means to and end. You think you know what he’s about but you can all see there are more than one game being played. I so want to see Kai win it. Take back what was taken from her just to throw it back in their faces.

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