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I fought my way back, and now I’m possessed. 

I’ve healed the wounds that kept me trapped. 

I’m done fighting it. 

I’m hers. 


I just don’t know if she feels the same. 

What if the empire we’ve been building crumbles along with our love?

Possessed by Lies is Book 5 in the Truth or Lies series.

July 30
Ella Miles LLC
Ella Miles

Customer Reviews

Lana Blake ,

Book 5

This is book five in the Truth or Lies Series and starts where Kai is still recovering from the physical, emotional, and sexual assault on her by Milo at the end of book four. Although she denies loving Enzo, “the truth spoken is one that can never be taken back.” This author has the ability to hook you in the first paragraph and never let go. The ending being tragic and full of surprises with a cliffhanger. Absolutely terrific read!

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.

ClearH ,

Possessed by Lies

Possessed by lies
Enzo really messed up with Kai and I empathized with her reactions completely.
His betrayal cut into her deep and he was the one who exposed her to Milo. He was the one who failed to protect her. He was the one who allowed her to get hurt again and again.
The tables are turned in this book as Kai shut Enzo out of her life. Talk about horrible stupid timing as Enzo decided it was time to risk everything for Kai. What a bonehead!
This continued to be a dark and compelling read. Emotional, suspense filled, and heartbreaking.
Totally frustrating for an HEA seeker and cliffy hater like myself.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

RobbobReview ,

Seeing Isn’t Always Believing …It May Be An Optical Illusion

Am I to believe what I see? Am I to think what I hear is the gospel? In most cases, probably. But, not in this book. Seeing is not believing, You learn to question everything. Let the games continue. Who is to say Kai will win or lose? And if she does win or lose, will it really turn out that way or just another optical illusion?
But there’s one strong thing that Kai has going for her. She knows how to keep secrets. And, she has a secret that will ensure she wins the game she chooses to play …. Either way, win or lose, she wins! So let the games begin, again. Kai will be the winner.
And I wouldn’t worry about Enzo. He’ll find a way to victory, even if he single handedly has to wipe out every traitorous soul that betrayed him. Yes, let the REAL games begin.
I almost feel sorry for Felix. Felix may be smart, but maybe he's too smart for his own britches. He and his team of turncoats may think they have won. Ohhhh, if only they knew!!!!!
But, in the end, I just really, really hope that Kai gets to do what she's warned Felix she'll do ... he won't need his cojones anyway.
We'll see it all come down in the next book. I so hope Zeke and Langston are still alive. Anxiously awaiting Consumed by Truths. It's going to be a page turner.

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