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Get both books in the Tamisan Series together, grab a cup of your favourite drink, and dive into this fantastic world.


An illegal experiment.

Mortally wounded Zhenna Rhodarma has had her consciousness transferred into the body of a Waikari, a native of planet Althar 3. Her new form has two hearts, psychic abilities and can breathe underwater.

A dangerous escape.

When her new mind-reading talents reveal that her saviour, Dr Starrick, isn’t what he seems, Zhenna has to escape from his clutches and into the wilds of Althar 3.

A quest for survival.

Zhenna will need all her new abilities to stay ahead of the man who will stop at nothing to get his experiment back. But there’s more than just deadly flora and fauna waiting for her in the jungles of Althar 3.


Her enemies closing in.

After defeating Dr Starrick, the man responsible for transferring her consciousness into another body, Tamisan thought her troubles were over. But someone else has a stake in Starrick’s experiments, and they’ll stop at nothing to control Tamisan and her deadly abilities.

Her memories forgotten.

When a brutal attack leaves Tamisan an amnesiac and stranded in the jungle once again, she is found by the Waikari natives – only they think she’s Sifayah, the young woman whose body she now possesses. They want to help her remember, only the memories they hope to restore are of a life that Tamisan never lived.

Her DNA a weapon.

With her attacker still at large, Tamisan must learn who she is all over again, and fast. She needs her abilities to defend herself from those who would use her, but without her memories, how will she tell who is friend and who is foe?

Great for lovers of Sci-fi and Paranormal with elements of romance.

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 16
Susan McKenzie
PublishDrive Inc.

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