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New from award-winning suspense and thriller author Shelley Coriell comes another set of twisting and “laugh-out-loud” Detective Lottie King Mysteries!

As detectives Lottie King and Oliver T. Figg officially team up to catch killers, Lottie uncovers a tangle of secrets from Figg’s past that could destroy the agency...and cost lives. Features five mysteries and Lottie-inspired recipes.

Tangled Truths — On Lottie’s first day of work at the Figg Agency, a new client literally dies in her arms, but she must hunt for the killer on her own as Figg deals with problems from his past.

Dry Bones — The deathbed confession of an elderly woman sends Lottie and Figg digging into a century-old murder during Colorado’s great Gold Rush.

Past Due — In serious need of cash, Figg takes on a humdrum cheating spouse case that has him and Lottie running for their lives.

Short Take — Figg fills in for Lottie at a Girl Power meeting where he helps the troop plan and execute a heist that results in life-changing consequences.

Last Call — After learning Figg’s deadly secret, Lottie vows to save him and the agency, but someone will kill to keep the truth from getting out.

The complete Detective Lottie King Mysteries Series:

Rough Day (Detective Lottie King Mysteries, Vol. 1)

New Shoes (Detective Lottie King Mysteries, Vol. 2)

Thin Ice (Detective Lottie King Mysteries, Vol. 3)

Tangled Truths (Detective Lottie King Mysteries, Vol. 4)

Broken Heart (Detective Lottie King Mysteries, Vol. 5)

Dark Secret (Detective Lottie King Mysteries, Vol. 6)

Books in this series are standalones and can be read in any order but are best enjoyed in sequence.

Author’s Note: When asked by readers what book I’ve written is my favorite, I always say I can’t pick a fave. That would be like picking a favorite child. But I will say there’s something very special about TANGLED TRUTHS.  The mysteries were so clear in my head, and the words raced onto the page. I love the interesting police procedural elements in these stories, and there’s even more humor. And for the first time, I threaded a larger mystery across all short stories. My “Grandma with a Glock” mystery series is perfect for readers who like clever crime fiction with a strong female protagonist, a dash of humor, and a lot of heart. Bonus: each short story comes with a Lottie-approved recipe. Enjoy!

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December 26
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