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TCO Certified Wireless Analyst Course Book

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The CWA Study Guide is an essential enhancement to the TCO Certified Wireless Analyst Certification Package. This Study Guide - the course book - contains detailed notes and graphics corresponding exactly to the CWA lessons.

This book therefore contains all of the answers to the CWA exam questions!

Having a companion reference textbook avoids the need to take notes, and greatly enhances learning and retention, helping you learn and burn the concepts into the neurons of your brain.

This course book is also a valuable day-to-day reference handbook and glossary on its own, independent of the online courses.


The TCO Certified Wireless Analyst Certification Courses deliver the core technical knowledge needed by anyone serious in the wireless business today.

With high-quality self-paced courses, you'll gain broad knowledge spanning radio and spectrum fundamentals, digital radio and QAM modems, mobility concepts and network design, radio technologies from AMPS to LTE and 5G’s OFDMA, 5G mmWave ultra-broadband, and low power, low bitrate 5G for IoT, Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), broadband wireless Internet, point-to-point microwave, Low Earth Orbit satellites and more

... and TCO Certified Wireless Analyst certification to prove it!


Body language conveys a surprisingly large amount of information. Students who find they learn more from a person than from computer-generated images will appreciate that many of the lessons are video, taught to you by our charming and entertaining instructor directly into the camera, with overlaid bullets and graphics on-screen.

The detailed text notes in this optional Study Guide are a recommended enhancement to the online courses included in the CWA Certification Package.


The CWA Certification Package includes three online certification courses and the TCO CWA Certification Exam, both with unlimited repeats – which means guaranteed to pass, and refresh your knowledge anytime:

Course 2231: Wireless Fundamentals • Radio fundamentals • Radio spectrum, radio bands, allocations and allotments • Digital radio: how modems work

Course 2232: Mobile Communications • Cellular principles • Mobility and handoffs • PSTN Phone Calls • Mobile Internet • 4G LTE and 5G New Radio • FDMA, GSM, TDMA, CDMA, OFDM and OFDMA • MVNOs and Roaming

Course 2233: Fixed Wireless • Wireless LANs: 802.11 standards, Wi-Fi • Wi-Fi Security • Bluetooth • LPWA Networks for IoT • Broadband Wireless Home Internet • Point-to-Point Microwave • LEO and GEO Satellites


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