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Temporal Contingency is the fourth book in the Big Sigma Series.

Trevor “Lex” Alexander’s life has been less than blessed. In the past year he’s had to battle corrupt corporations, deranged techno-terrorists, and a robotic scourge. Now he’s received the opportunity to finally return to the racing career that had been cut short by some poor decisions. One could excuse him for not wanting to be embroiled in another insane adventure when he is so close to returning to his life’s calling. Sometimes the call of duty will not be denied.

Karter Dee, a certified lunatic responsible for many of Lex’s recent woes, has discovered a threat on an unprecedented scale. He and Ma, his AI caretaker, know their plan to solve the problem will take a special mixture of competence, improvisation, and disregard for personal safety. Reluctance aside, Lex is the only man for the job. Even with the skilled pilot on the team, the scope of the problem has grown so massive that it may be unsolvable in its current state. Some would consider the situation hopeless, but any good engineer knows if you can’t find a solution, you have to change the problem.

To give human society a chance at a future, Lex, Karter, and Ma, will have to venture into the past.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 24
Joseph R. Lallo
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Wolfman23pltr ,

Another great adventure

Just like all the other stories, this does not fail to keep you intrigued and waiting with bated breath as to what may come next. This and the other series has been spectacular, look forward to more from this great author.

GilHero ,

Say "Hi" to yourself.

A very good book about time travel. Going back in time to fix things right.
Very imaginative writing.

John Frosted ,

The author doesn't know how good he is!

In the Authors Notes at the end of the first book in this series, "Bypass Gemini". he wrote “Though I genuinely enjoyed writing this, my first love is fantasy.” Well I've read all of his other books, and all I have to say is that everything that he learned crafting those other books has paid off with this far superior series.

His characters are more rounded, the story lines are way richer and the antagonists are more than walls that his heroes need to climb over. In that last regard it was a pleasure reading these books, as without decent challenges (I.e villains) , the protagonists (heros) are no more interesting than steel balls thrown a pin ball table.

This author did up his game this time around and produced some really fine work.

And his take on the temporal story line is among of the best that I have ever read.

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