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Dragonfae hybrid Treasure has two things on her mind – her upcoming mating ceremony to her two mates, Brian and Kevin, and the cursed female mountain lions. Before she gets her happily ever after, she wants to figure out how to break the curse that has shadowed the mountain lion shifters for eons. To do that, she knows she needs to sneak into the fae realm and find the library in her parents’ home, where she’s certain she recalls seeing books about gods and goddesses.

Brian and Kevin Fallon have loved Treasure since the moment they saw her. She’s not only funny, sweet, and gorgeous, but she’s also a powerful hybrid – part dragon shifter and part fairy. When they learn from her adoptive parents that she’s disappeared in the middle of the night, they’re frantic to find her. After she returns from the fae realm with books from her parents’ library, they’re furious she left without them, but thankful she’s safe.

What Treasure doesn’t know is that the dragon king in the fae realm protected his entire territory, including her parents’ home, with a spell to ensure that anyone who entered the lands was magically tagged. The king believes Treasure is meant to be under his rule, and demands that she join their clan. Brian and Kevin aren’t about to let anyone take Treasure from them, but the temptation to be with her own kind may be too great for her to ignore. Will she stay in Ashland with the two males who have captured her heart, or join her own kind in the fae realm?

June 24
R.E. Butler
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Jannie3381 ,

Finally, it’s time for Treasure! 💗

I think the fact that Treasure and her mates met (and knew) as children is adorable! They’ve had years to build their relationship, their personal skills, and strengths. Prepping for a wedding is always a thrill. I love seeing her learn more about her dragon-side; discovering what she can do. It’s a mixed blessing - there are dangers and difficult decisions involved. Do read! There is plenty of excitement as Brian, Kevin and Treasure get married/mated at last!

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