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Radio and television host Glenn Beck has experienced the rollercoaster of life like few others. From the suicide of his mother when he was just thirteen, to his eventual alcoholism, depression, divorce, unemployment, and health scares—Glenn has weathered life’s darkest storms.

Any one of those struggles could’ve ruined him, yet Glenn was able to keep moving forward. He saw past the darkness into the light; past his grief and addictions and into what his life could be.

The process of finding happiness through personal redemption was not easy, but it left Glenn with a blueprint for how to confront future adversity. Glenn is living proof that these steps—he calls them wonders—don’t just work on paper. They helped transform his life and can they can help to transform yours as well.

Glenn Beck and Dr. Keith Ablow—two of the most popular and influential personalities in American media today—have joined forces to present a powerful guide to personal transformation and fulfillment that is as unique as their own unlikely partnership. They are called the “7 Wonders” and they can be used by anyone who has made the decision that they are ready to change their life.

After the television talk show host and the bestselling psychiatrist struck up a fast friendship they realized that their experiences with life’s struggles were complementary. What Keith had studied, Glenn had lived. What Keith had counseled patients on for years, Glenn had suffered through for decades.

The deeply personal insights they shared brought them to realize that their life stories had seven key principles in common; seven wonders that seemed to be essential ingredients for anyone attempting to transform their life.

January 4
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Customer Reviews

JessieMomma ,

Sadly, I am not surprised...

At the sheer audacity of some of the American public who have posted here. I can not find one poster who has given this a book bad review, that has even mentioned the CO-AUTHOR! Mr. Ablow, thank you for your grace and collaboration in bringing about this life altering piece of work. May God bless you and Mr. Beck for your efforts.

krazykaos ,

1 Star Reviewers Sure Are Fast Readers!

Glenn Beck:
7 wonders that will change your life
6 consecutive #1 NYT bestsellers
5 .5 million dollars raised for special operations warrior foundation
4th most admired man in the world (according to dec 09 Gallup poll)
3 hours of radio per day plus an hour for inside extreme members and an hour on tv
2 million came to his restoring honor rally
1 motivating, successful principled man

LEO_Tactical ,

Thank goodness for Glenn

It's amazing that the ones that don't like Glenn have never watched him. If you gave yourself a week to watch his show then it would be obviously clear that what Glenn cares and talks about is love, peace, family, charity, and our Republic; our country. If you are against those things then I shudder to imagine what you are for. Unfortunately these individuals don't decide for themselves about Glenn, but rather blindfully accept the rhetoric of others. To those people I say, open your mouths and say, "baa ha ha ha ha". To Glenn I say thank you very much. You have taught myself and my family more about love, giving, and history more than anyone ever has. You are our nation's Whitfield. Thanks amigo!

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