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"If you're looking for a lighthearted space saga, then this is definitely a book you're going to want to pick up." - Literary Titan


"This is an accessible and highly readable science fiction tale that relies on speculative technology and imagined scenarios but is never bogged down in heavy concepts or complex astrophysics."- US Review of books

"This was pure Flash Gordon space opera stuff, and the author kept the story moving at a fast pace with characters the reader will love." - Pulp Den

He’s been stranded beyond the stars for years. When he buys himself a down-and-out squad, he crash-lands into a whole galaxy of trouble…

Lone human Wil Calder is bored out of his freakin’ mind. So when he gets word of a couple of criminals being hauled to a penal colony, he figures he’s got a sweet deal to offer: Join his crew and he’ll help clear their names. But he quickly finds he’s bought a black hole of misfortune with the two disgraced convicts knowing things that they shouldn’t know. Things that will get all of them killed.

Desperate for fast money to go legit, Wil takes on one last illegal job to rob a heavily guarded space station. But when the motley band stumbles across an interstellar conspiracy, the ill-equipped ship captain must decide how far he’ll fly to bring justice to his team and the rest of the universe.

Can the accidental spaceman escape a cosmos of chaos before they all go supernova?

Space Rogues: The Adventures of Wil Calder is the exciting first book in the Space Rogues space opera series. If you like fun characters, fast-paced action, and lighthearted entertainment, then you’ll love John Wilker’s science fiction caper.

Buy Space Rogues: The Adventures of Wil Calder to make infinity pay today!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 26
Rogue Publishing
Rogue Publishing Ltd

Customer Reviews

azymir ,

Space rogues book 1

It was fun reading as the characters developed and evolved. The ending was a little too abrupt, but it was a fun and funny trip.

loveballssucks ,

Space Rogues

I stumbled on this book accidentally while at sea, and was completely enthralled by it. Reference to Science fiction pop culture, specifically Firefly, hooked me. Anyone that gets Firefly knows good sci-fi. The book was fast paced and exciting with hero characters that jump right into your heart. I can’t wait to read more.

Michael W A ,


Enjoyed it immensely

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