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Lia has lost her memory and her wolf while Ryder's just trying to keep his pack alpha from killing him. The even bigger problem? Somehow Lia's troubles are mixed up with his.

He'd walk away if he could, but his wolf has claimed Lia as their mate. For good or bad, their fates are one. This is the night they finally give into the attraction that has pulled them together and won't let go...but, as they soon learn, fate isn't done with them yet. Not even close.

An alpha quickie that will whet your appetitie!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 14
Michelle Fox
Draft2Digital, LLC

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Acworth Von ,


The Alpha's Bed
Huntsville Pack Book
by Michelle Fox

This storyline is SPECTACULAR!! I was so engaged in reading this great story I didn't want to eat dinner or go to sleep it's just that Fantastic!! The storyline is everything you expect in a Huntsville Pack story this book 3 and I absolutely enjoyed reading this awesome addition to this SPECTACULAR series. The story is so fantastic that I read it in one sitting I just couldn't put it down, it captured my attention from the first page to the last. It's full of mysteries, lots of action, it's compelling and very emotional you may need a few Kleenex tissues because it's hard to have a dry eye while I was reading part of the story. The scenes description are scorching hot, sensual, beautiful and loving. The characters are strong, sexy, gorgeous and dreamy. The dialogue is sexy, full of compassion and mind-blowing. Michelle has gives us so much entertainment with lots of delights when reading this book and the series. Book 3 is a standalone but apart of a series. If you have read books 1 &2 then you will enjoy visiting the characters of the previous books but remember it's not necessary to read them in order but doing so you will get more background on the series.

Lia Fleurgriffe is a wolf shifter who loses her wolf and her memory and wakes up as Jane Doe’ in a nursing home full of wolf shifters. She has no idea how she got here or what’s happening to her. She meets Tillie one the residents at the nursing home. After inviting Jane Doe ( Lia) to sit and eat with her, Tillie informs Jane about the Sheriff being her to the nursing home the night before and that she had no ID. Then Tillie tells Jane about a highlight of the nursing home is their dance and Jane should attend. Jane doesn't want to go but she doesn't want to be alone. At the dance Jane meets Tillie's grandson Ryder. Their attraction is instant, but they both feel they have no time for this.

Ryder Chase is a champion MMA wolf shifter until the league retired him because he was unbeatable. When he had returned home he found that his Alpha had lied to him about his grandmother. Because he was a corrupted and evil Alpha. So Ryder and his grandmother decide to start a new pack. After buying the land he perdition the council for the right to start his own pack. But on his way to tell his grandmother the news, Ryder is jumped by a shifter whom he grew up with and he thought was a friend but his Alpha wants him dead, so he meets with potential allies. At the nursing home he meets Jane where his grandma is, he recognizes her as his mate. But he isn’t sure he can trust her when she somehow knows Mason (his Alpha). But he agrees to help her.

This is a Fantastic Read. If you are looking for a Spectacular paranormal book then you need to read this book and the entire series. You can't miss this awesome book or series! This is also a magnificent book to add to your TBR list. I'm felt so good about this series that I'm excited and anxious to read the next book this series. I highly recommend this book and series.

If you believe in the world of paranormal romance, the possibilities are endless and fascinating!


Marebrand ,


Hot and steamy and decisions until she thinks about something and remembers

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