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What if you wolf picks a mate who doesn't want you?

For shifter Adele Fleurgriffe chasing a constant high and being trapped in a vampire blood slave ring was a lot easier than being normal. But she's trying hard to change her life, to stop using drugs, to be a good guest of the Huntsville Pack and not think too much about the vampire who got under her skin in a way drugs never did.

Unfortunately, Adele's life refuses to do normal no matter how hard she tries. Dead bodies start piling up and there's an obvious connection to her past. Adele's unfinished business has come to Huntsville and it will take everything she has to survive it.

Vampire Davian Sanglante tried to walk away from Adele once. He's no good for her, he knows that, but she keeps showing up and telling him he's wrong. If she knew his deepest, darkest secret, she would run screaming. The problem is every time he sees Adele, it gets harder and harder to push her away...no matter how much danger that puts her in.

Full length, stand alone novel from NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Michelle Fox. No cliffhangers! Lots of plot!

Note: Adele and Davian first appear in The Alpha's Fight. While it's not necessary to read The Alpha's Fight before this, you'll have more fun if you do.

Excerpt: I caught the woman, her weight so light I felt like I'd been handed a sheet of paper. Her jeans hung on her undernourished frame. A hint of lilac clung to her, like a stubborn spring refusing to bow before the lingering darkness of winter. Blonde hair outlined a heart-shaped face. She had a natural beauty, but looking into her eyes, I saw nothing, not even a spark of awareness. She'd become a husk of someone who'd once had a life. And I could save her.

September 25
Trans Media Publishing LLC
Trans Media Publishing LLC

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aries_sword ,


This enthralling story takes you on a journey into the lives of Adele Fleurgriffe a sassy sexy as sin she-wolf who turned to drugs to drown out her problems and the gorgeous stubborn Vampire Davian Sanglante; both have backstories that will tug your heartstrings. Thrilling suspense, horrific danger, and action wow you, clever dialogue, life-threatening incidents, murder, breathless vivid scene descriptions, sensuous passionate romance keep you turning pages to find out what happens next, and finally a happy ever after with a surprise unexpected ending.

Adelle and Davian meet quite by chance when he is a working with the Vampire Council to break up shifter blood slave sales. Adele was desperate to break her drug habit; she believed she was going to rehab but ended up a blood slave under a ruthless powerful Vampire. Fiery passionate desires swirl between Adele and Davian but he puts a clamp on his feelings due to his horrific past.

Loved this fantastic fast paced enticing read with praiseworthy characters. A roller coaster story that keeps you entertained until the end. Adele and Davian's romance is genuine, and the surprise ending makes your heart melt. I enjoyed this story so much {I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy}. Without reservations, I recommend this book.

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