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Legend 4 The Prodigal Son

She had come into his life dirty, abused with killers on her tail. His mother had saved her and he had discovered his mate.
Her father was a pack alpha and hard to please. Even the son of the white wolf herself didn't seem to be good enough for him.
Danny and Dru would fight her father to be together, but he turned out not to be their biggest challenge. Could they win against the rogue threat that used those close to Dru against them? Would her past and his blood be impossible to overcome? It's never easy when you're a white wolf, but some things are worth fighting for.

May 2
Crystal Dawn
Smashwords, Inc.

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micktjf ,

The new version of a great game for

Is there any way you could help with that work for you guys to do a little more fun night with you guys tonight or tonight if you’re still in town and we will have to go get your car so we could go get a couple things for the girls and I will get it to him tomorrow morning I know you guys have fun with me I just want to up and I don’t know what upchuck the game is very good game and it’s fun but I don’t know i was like a little of a thing to do so that’s why I’m not getting it right now and it’s just because I’m not going through the night so I’m going back home I will talk to him tomorrow and I’ll see get back to him when Philadelphia

Swagger princess1219 ,


4 books in the series right

Barrett Gorham02 ,


I know that 21st century werewolves are supposedly full of lust but seriously, no need for 4-5 sex scenes in just the first and second chapter. Where is the story line? A couple fights, almost no background. Sheesh, all bread and no meat whatsoever.

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