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This is the second book in the Legends of the White Werewolf Series.
We find out more about Ariel and continue follow her struggle to prevent anyone from taking advantage of her family. Matt is faced with the decision to pursue Sally or let another wolf sweep her away. Will he make the decision knowing he will have to become a werewolf or will he let her go forever? What are the council’s plans for Matt and can he prevent them from taking over his life? What will Ariel’s baby be and will she manage to keep the baby safe? The council is watching closely as Ariel’s family tries to keep their secrets. Danny will be forced to make some decisions as well that will change his life. Pack wars, conflicts, spying, and secrecy abound. Anything could happen, but Ariel is determined to ensure the safety of those she loves.

July 24
Crystal Dawn
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Customer Reviews

daisyjune1 ,

Thank you

Thank you for the FREE book! I appreciate the time you put into it

Hicks29 ,

I love it 5 starz

This is the awesome at book I've ever read it has everything I like in books romance, new words, on wolves😘

Uuly774 ,

Would not suggest

Started reading this series a few days ago. At first it seemed all right, but the farther I got into the story the more I realized it wasn't as great as I'd first thought. It MOVES too fast. And I've noticed it changes tenses a lot as well within the narrative. It jumps all over the place and in this book alone I have noticed the introduction of some characters are overlooked and you are expected to know who they are because the characters already seem to. I like the overall plot, but there are huge, gaping holes in it that take the reader out of the story. The first two books in this series are confusing as hell, they jump around all over the place, move way too fast and switch tenses all the time. I can guarantee that no traditional publisher would touch this with a fifty foot pole. A twelve year old could write better novels than this. Would not recommend reading this. It's a headache to even try to understand.

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