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A new administration and a new approach to dealing with America’s enemies have left covert counterterrorism operative Scot Harvath without a job. But when American doctor Julia Gallo is kidnapped in Afghanistan, the terms of her ransom leave the president with only one course of action.

Every politician has a secret. And when the daughter of a politically connected family is kidnapped abroad, America’s new president will agree to anything—even a deadly and ill-advised rescue plan—in order to keep his secret hidden.

But when covert counterterrorism operative Scot Harvath is assigned to infiltrate one of the world’s most notorious prisons and free the man the kidnappers demand as ransom, he quickly learns that there is much more to the operation than anyone dares to admit.

As the subterfuge is laid bare, Harvath must examine his own career of ruthlessly hunting down and killing terrorists and decide if he has what it takes to help one of the world’s worst go free.

Mysteries & Thrillers
June 30
Atria Books

Customer Reviews

Possible dud ,

Not as compelling

It may just be me, but this book is not as good as the others in the series. The parallel story lines worked well but I found the endings to be rushed and anticlimactic. I did not have a good sense of closure with the ending here as I have in the previous books. Every author is entitled to a dud. This may be Brad Thor's.

Jason Ash ,


I have read all of Mr. Thor's previous Scott Harvath escapades and this one left me underwhelmed. Not only did the Scott Harvath storyline feel rushed and empty, the entire second storyline was pointless and unwarranted. It seemed as though Mr. Thor had the premise for two separate stories outlined but not enough for two full books so he decided to combine them into one. The result of which is two stories that served as filler for each other.

The early Scott Harvath adventures are much more enjoyable than this one.

ANProctor ,

Patience and more patience

I don’t know if it was just me not following it, but this one took quite some time to get going. I felt there were too many times Harvath cracked open a Red Bull and sat down on a blanket with some Afghans to BS about whatever. Storyline was alright, but parts of it didn’t tie in correctly in my opinion. The side plot was interesting until it just abruptly ended in one page, and then I found out it had nothing to do with Harvaths story at all... that was pointless to me, and then the damsel in distress got rescued without so much as a thank you in return. Gunna be honest, not my favorite one from Mr. Thor. Too many loose ends that didn’t fit together and it was a drag until about chapter 45. Wouldn’t really miss much if you skipped this one.

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