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Now in paperback along with its sequel, what Booklist calls “an eerie, atmospheric tale, full of terror and courage, set in a convincingly realized magical realm.”

Do not wander in the deeps where the Shriker's shadow creeps.
When he rises from beneath. Beware the sharpness of his teeth.

For over 300 years, a monster known as the Shriker has roamed Shalem Wood, terrorizing the villagers who live on its edges and slaughtering those unfortunate enough to wander on to his path. The people of Noor have lived in fear for so long that most of them have forgotten that once upon a time the Shriker was just a loyal dog, until the day when he was cruelly betrayed by his master and cursed to live a bloodthirsty life, always seeking revenge for the fate his owner dealt him. But Miles and Hanna Ferrell have not forgotten where the Shriker came from--how could they? It was their ancestor who betrayed the dog...

A tale of terror and magic that channels Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Beast of Noor tells the story of two siblings determined to set their family free and break the curse of the Shriker or die trying.

Young Adult
May 11
Atheneum Books for Young Readers
Grades 5-9

Customer Reviews

Foryst55 ,

A very good story, well written

I gave this 5 stars for a number of reasons. I enjoyed the originality. The characters were well described and mist importantly it was so easy to read. It's not comparable to Ender's story or The Foundation, the Wheel of Time of Lord of the Rings, but it's like the Hobbit and close in quality. You don't have to think, you just get to enjoy. I will look to see if the story of Miles and Hanna continues and I will certainly read on if it does.

Squigles2001 ,


This book is the best. I read this book 2 times and I told all my friends and they said where did u get it. Now everybody is reading it. This is a great book

Joe Bartlett ,

The Beast of Noor

I believe that The Beast of Noor By Janet Lee Carey is an outstanding book for teens. I as a teen, believe that it is the type of book for the teen looking for a bit of adventure. I would recommend any one looking for adventure to read it, not just teens. I hope you enjoy and respect my review.

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