The Beauty Series The Beauty Series

The Beauty Series

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First love. Second Chances. Friends-to-lovers. Enemies-to-lovers. Roomates-to-lovers. Love-hate. Opposites attract. Forbidden romance. Little sisters. Older brothers. Best friends. Charming billionaires. Inked firefighters. Players meeting their match.

Everyone remembers their firsts. First kiss. First love. First heartbreak. First…everything.

The first time Liam Sullivan met Samantha Brennan it was an unexpected encounter—a not so ‘meet-cute.’ It was good for him. Bad for her. He wanted her at first sight. She wished she never laid eyes on him. The charming billionaire with all the ink and dimples and flirt, and the girl who’s been burned badly once before by someone he reminds her of? What could possibly go wrong? Everything. Everything could go wrong. Especially when you add in an overbearing older brother, a blast from the past, and a man who will not give up…no matter what.

The first time Connor Brennan met Riley Sullivan it was on a blind-date. One he orchestrated as a dare, a challenge. One that came back to bite him in the you know where. That blind-date turned into him meeting his match, his soulmate. But it’s not that simple. Nothing ever is. She’s Liam’s little-sister, and just like Connor, she comes with a wealth of chaos. He loves to throw out challenges—now he must deal with one. But it’s not just challenges standing in his way, or her, or her older brother. Riley has a secret. And when that secret is exposed—the challenge, the chaos? He hasn’t seen anything yet.

The first time Aiden Masters met Allie James the best thing that could be said is that they both made it out of the room alive—and so did everyone else. It wasn’t love at first sight. Or second or third. Or tenth. Opposites attract? Not exactly. Forbidden romance? Not that either. More like forbidden everything. Which causes the hate. The animosity. The angst. Which then of course leads to blurred lines, burning sheets, and trouble. So much trouble. You know what they say about hate and love? It’s a thin line. But Aiden’s line is blue. And what’s a cop to do when Allie’s family is embroiled in the criminal? Blur some more lines or move on once and for all.

The first time Ryan Flannery met Elizabeth Masters was a meeting that would change everything for him and her. He was knocked, rocked, and thrown. And he didn’t like it one bit. He was someone who’s been around the block a time or two…or a hundred. Definitely a hundred. He knew way too much about the opposite sex that he’s forgotten most of it and them. He’s too much of everything for someone like Beth. She’s working on a list of firsts—first date, first kiss, first…everything. He shouldn’t want her—she belongs with someone better. He should let her complete her list of firsts in peace. With her past she deserves that and more. But it’s complicated. Because he does want her. He wants all her firsts. And he wants her to be his first too—in the way that counts the most. His first love…and his last. His only.

Everyone remembers their firsts.
Especially them.

December 27
Tara Sosa
Draft2Digital, LLC

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