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"Every moment with her, whether good or bad, is a moment that I will never forget..."

From the moment Liam Sullivan locked eyes with Samantha Brennan he knew that he wanted her. He knew that he would have her – after all, he has yet to meet a woman who could resist his boyish charm, his good looks, his cocky attitude, or his money. After their first conversation he knew he was in trouble and things were about to change. He didn’t want her for just a night. He wanted her to be his. He knew that she was the one. He just had to convince her and make her see that she was it. She was his always. He needed to make her understand and accept that he was her forever.
Samantha Brennan didn’t want baby-blues, tattoos, dimples, muscles, and a cocky attitude in her life. She had something like that once before and she was left shattered, broken, and alone. She picked up the pieces and moved on, and she was more than happy with her life as it was. It was her definition of perfect.
She didn’t need or want Liam. She wanted to be left alone, but he just wouldn’t give up. The more she wanted him to go away, the more layers she discovered. The more she wanted to distance herself, the more intriguing he became. The more she wanted to be his friend, the more attractive and determined he was. The more she wanted something more with him, the more he challenged her to take a chance.
When she finally accepts what’s happening between them the unexpected happens … and changes everything.
What happens when her past comes crashing into the present, or when the present attacks and damages the future? Will his love for her be enough? Will love even matter? Or will everything that matters be destroyed?

September 12
Tara Sosa
Smashwords, Inc.

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