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“If you like psychological detective stories with a touch of humour and romance, you will love Sam Smith.”

Someone was out to murder me. I had no idea who, when or why, but with a snowstorm gripping the city and with a determined assassin closing in, I faced the most dangerous moment of my life and the very real prospect of feeling the big chill.

The Big Chill - A Sam Smith Mystery. Book Three in the Sam Smith Mystery Series featuring private detective Samantha Smith.

The Sam Smith Mystery Series in order:

Sam's Song
Love and Bullets
The Big Chill

Also published: The First Sam Smith Omnibus featuring Sam's Song, Love and Bullets and The Big Chill

Mysteries & Thrillers
August 22
Goylake Publishing
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

R3 fan ,

The Big Chill

The Big Chill is light reading, but packs powerful messages. Although not specifically a psychological thriller, the novel gives the reader plenty to think about in the way of what determines insanity and obsession. Who is more insane? The homeless man who mutters fanciful ideas? Or the seemingly harmless person who harbors a grudge? Who is more likely to contemplate murder? And who is more likely to be blamed? As with her other novels, the author delves into social issues, giving the reader a chance to think differently about pure, hard facts.

Sam Smith has to ponder these thoughts while trying to discover who shot her and left her to die. Once again, she mingles with the criminal world to find answers, not accepting the "easy" way out. Along the way, she learns to trust more in her intuition, and she grows in her sense of worth. She has reached a turning point in her life and can give advice to others that until recently she was unable to accept herself: "you are not to blame; the criminal is."

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