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A secret kiss between rivals leads to a high-stakes marriage of convenience in this Blackout Billionaires novel by USA TODAY bestselling author Naima Simone.

When a blackout hits Chicago, billionaire Darius King makes the most of being stranded in the dark at the city’s hottest gala of the season. But then the lights come back on, revealing the woman in his arms as the one he’d wanted security to escort out just moments before. He’s long had a beef with Isobel Hughes, his best friend’s widow, who squandered her late husband’s legacy. But their unexpected connection in the dark gives Darius a bright idea.

His new plan: entice her into marriage to protect his friend’s legacy and ensure the man’s young heir has a stable home. When Isobel balks, Darius won’t take no for an answer. But wild attraction and explosive secrets soon make their little arrangement very inconvenient…

From Harlequin Desire: Luxury, scandal, desire—welcome to the lives of the American elite.

Don’t miss a single Blackout Billionaires novel!
Book 1 — The Billionaire’s Bargain
Book 2 — Black Tie Billionaire
Book 3 — Blame It on the Billionaire

June 1
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Customer Reviews

Mel Reads ,

Fun and quick

A quick read about a heroine who has been wrongfully vilified and her late husband’s best friend who was like a brother to him and like a second son to the family who still blames her for their son’s death. Isobel and Gage had a painful marriage made worse by Gage spreading lies about his wife. He dies and Gage’s family, including his best friend Darius make it their mission to let Isobel know just how despised and unwelcome she is. They shun both her and the son she had with Gage, not believing that he’s even Gage’s. I liked Isobel, her growth and character arc was really wonderful. I would have liked to have seen more groveling from Darius at the end and I would have also liked more of a down the road resolution with the Wells family. Other than that, it was a quick, sexy, fun read.

hnobbs ,

Great enemies to lovers romance

This was a great enemies to lovers romance and I love that type of storyline. I was hooked from the beginning on this book. Isobel is the widow of Darius’s best friend and he can’t stand her. He blames her for his friend dying and everything that went wrong in his friend’s life and how it affected his friend’s family. Of course there is an attraction between Darius and Isobel but they fight it because they can’t stand to be around each other. During a blackout Darius has a panic attack caused by a traumatic childhood event and Isobel comes across him in the dark and is able to help calm him down. Of course they don’t know who the stranger in the dark is and they don’t find out right away. Darius decides to help his friend’s family get close to their grandchild by basically giving Isobel and ultimatum- marry him and he will take care of her and her son. Isobel only wants what is best for her son so she agrees although begrudgingly. Darius soon learns things about Isobel that is at odds of what he was told about her from her deceased husband and his friend. During all of this they are becoming closer and starting to be a real family. I loved how Isobel always kept her son’s best interest at the top of her priorities even if it wasn’t what she necessarily wanted. Isobel was always herself and never played games. Darius was confused by his feelings because they seemed to contradict what he thought he should feel.
Basically this book was fabulous and everything I expected from Naima Simone. This book was sexy and a great enemies to lovers story. Definitely would recommend this book.

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