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The best-selling novel by Jackie Collins is back, and fierce as ever!

Las Vegas. A carousel town set in the middle of the desert. Blazing neon signs promise all the vices known to man, and then some. Devastatingly handsome ladies' man Nico Constantine hits town to make a killing at the casinos. But instead of tripling what's left of his dwindled fortune, he ends up losing everything, and owing the mob -- big time.

Meanwhile, gloriously beautiful Fontaine Khaled has shed her filthy rich husband for the life she really wants: a riotous whirl of champagne, designer clothes, and the hottest, sexiest men. But her never-ending party comes with a price -- one even her ex-husband's outrageous alimony payments can't afford.

When Nico collides with Fontaine, their mutual lust is immediate and intense. Nico will need to use her if he wants to stay alive, and Fontaine fears she's met her match.

Love is the last thing on their minds, but it may be their fate -- if their creditors don't get them first.

Completely re-written, updated and revised for 2012 by the author. And now available for the first time as an e-book.

Fiction & Literature
April 17
Chances, Inc.
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triple diamonds ,

Almost perfect

Love the way the story unfolded. The plot rolls along smoothly and keeps you wanting to find out. V
what is going to happen next. When Fontaine with her style and sense of entitlement meets Nico who is suave and has class, it is inevitable ble that they should be attracted to each other. They are a mirror image of each other. It is just a shame that they find out later they are both broke. Nico lost all his money gambling in Vegas, and borrowed even more from the house. He lost it as well and travels to England, to try to find some money to pay his debt. The story keeps you on your toes, but the ending seems too abrupt. It leaves you wanting some answers to the strands in the story that are left hanging. For example, does Nico ever pay back the money he owes the casino? Does Bernie get a hold of Nico finally, and what happens? Nico is faithful when he truly loves a woman, but will the flighty Fontaine stick with him?

Sa5mmi ,


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