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The son and stepdaughter of rival drug dealers, Chase Halloway and Allie Boden know the odds are stacked against them, but love doesn't care about odds.

And neither does power.

Chase Halloway knows he'll take over his father's empire when old Galt Halloway's done, but he has dreams. Plans that have nothing to do with the drug ring his father's so carefully built since Chase's mom died years ago. Untamed and unmoored, when he sees Allie for the first time he realizes maybe the future doesn't have to be so lonely...

Protected by Chase during a blow-out brawl in her stepfather's bar, Allie can't believe the tattooed, muscled man who has eyes only for her really wants her...forever. With a past marred by her mother's death and a stepfather who won't let her leave for sinister reasons she doesn't understand, she wants to choose Chase and her own fate.

Drawn together by an attraction so strong they can't find words for it, and unable to resist a physical temptation so strong they can't deny it, can Chase and Allie's love survive kidnapping, murder, false accusations and more?

The Breaking Away Series Boxed Set contained the entire romantic suspense trilogy: Finding Allie, Chasing Allie, Keeping Allie. Each is a full-length novel, and by the end of book three Chase and Allie get the happily ever after they so richly deserve.  

**Listen to the 12.5 hour audiobook, narrated by Audie award winner Tanya Eby**

December 1
Prosaic Press
Prosaic Press, Inc.

Customer Reviews

T1darryl ,


Amazing to find that what you perceive as ordinary is actually so twisted that it confuses everyone around you. But as the twist unravels you realize just how strong this girl really is.

Amigee ,

I read out of order

Had I read the full Meli Raine 4 sets of 3 books each in order, the entire series so far gets a 5 * review. However if you read the 1st book of the 1 set of 3 it will seem more like a 3 star book. This probably makes little sense. I encourage you to read all 4 - 3 book sets. In my opinion, the 3 books should have been 1 longer book, with the second 3 book series being book #2. HOWEVER I don't write so what do I know.

Let me say, read in order or not read them all. I'm waiting waiting and waiting for the next 3 books!

Cchimni ,


Finding Allie - A modern Romeo and Juliet take with lots of twists. Allie is trying to escape her step father and Chase is trying to escape the life his father wants for him. When they meet sparks fly and the connection is immediate. As they think things are under control a curve ball is thrown their way. A story filled with passion, love, ruthless family, and loyalty. I can't wait to finish the series!

Chasing Allie-Chase and Allie overcome one obstacle and then are faced with the next. Once chase learns of her step father's plans he tries to shelter her. But reality steps in again and changes their best laid plans. Full of love, passion, suspense, drug lords, and twists.

Keeping Allie-Allie and Chase find themselves stuck in the unthinkable position in the heart of the motorcycle gang with Allie being prepped for the sadistic drug lord. Who can Allie trust? Allies come in the least expected individuals. Does Chase really love her, or is he a part of the evil plot. The conclusion to Allie and Chase's story is filled with heart ache, pain, new alliances, love, twists, and passion.

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