The Chronicles of Heaven's War, Book I: Sisters of the Bloodwind

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From distant star systems they had hazarded journeys to gather for the upcoming moot that might well decide the future of all living flesh. Filled with questions and wonder, they sought out wisdom from the greatest of oracles in the universe, to gain understanding of riddles long ago uttered and prophecies hauntingly whispered in dark shadows. So they approached the oracle as she stood upon a mountain overlooking the city of the gods, seeking added insight into the Fates and reasons why they had delivered them down to this day and hour, and what must yet be done to bring Evil to its finish.

Looking into the sky, the oracle quietly answered with more riddling verse, “To reach the beginning you must start in the middle. And to attain the finish, you must comprehend all things. Time goes ever forward, but knowledge learns always from the past.”

The woman turned, staring into the bewildered faces of her audience. “Even from the Maker of Worlds, the Fates tend to keep their secrets. She also must reach back into the past to grasp what the future might hold.”
The oracle bent down, gathering up a handful of dust, letting it sift through her fingers, watching the breeze catch it up and carry it away. “So I ask: ‘How has it come to this… three Realms riddled with war, violence, and death? Why does a first born child seek the destruction of every gift that was once his for the taking, and why do the children who knew only love and peace slaughter one another with demonic abandon?’”

She spread her fingers, permitting the remainder of the dust to fall away, watching as the winds carried it down the mountain beyond their sight. Looking into confused faces, the Oracle asked, “Who will survive all the way to the end of this war, or will anyone at all live to see the ending day?”

Turning away from the others, tears in her eyes, she spoke to the breeze, “The answer, even for the Maker of Worlds, is hidden in the tricksy wind. You must seek your own fated paths in your own ways. Choose the road of death…or life...for yourselves. If you don’t, then other powers will do so for you.”

“Sisters of the BloodWind” sets the stage for the unfolding of this epic saga of what has come to be called the “Chronicles of Heaven’s War”. In the middle of this profound tale we shall start, but in due time our journey will deliver us back to the beginning so that all things we will come to ascertain.

I ask, ‘Do you have the courage to come with me, or does narrowness of mind and contentment of ignorance prevent for you this leap into the unknown?’ Only you can decide the depth of courage found within your heart to risk soul and mind on such an adventure. For those brave enough of heart…then take to this road with me, and we shall depart together.

Fiction & Literature
November 14
Ava D. Dohn
Draft2Digital, LLC

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