The Chronicles of Heaven's War, Book V: Ghosts of Lagandow

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Ghosts of Lagandow, an ancient, noble race faded from memory, for most of Lowenah's children existing only in myth and legend save those alive for untold ages having lived on Lagandow, taught by these Ones Who Came Before. Even they are ghosts, hiding their knowledge. There are other ghosts of Lagandow long thought dead, coming to life as though out of the mist of Time. Now all go to war at the side of their brothers and sisters of the Children's Empire...those from the First Realm and recent arrivals from the Second Realm.

Despite spies in their midst having revealed many of their plans to Asotos, they mount a concerted attack against him and the League of Brothers, knowing that this is a fight to the end of all things, only one side the victor, the other perishing in total annihilation.

What unseen powers are unleashed? Who are these ghosts and what abilities do they have to bring Evil to an end alongside Lowenah's loyal children?

These men and women, sharing love, loss, privation and the horror of war battle against Asotos' forces that are greater in number and better equipped. For what cause? For those who cannot fight...those who gave their lives in the quest to gain freedom and peace and bring the end of Wickedness resting in the Silent Tombs waiting for a returning; for those so damaged by these endless wars, they spend their days in institutions, their minds and hearts unable to bear the loss of innocence, loss of loved ones, loss of self; for those in the Forges of Hell...the Second Realm... never knowing true peace and freedom, its dead waiting a release and a returning, while those living wait upon the outcome of this war to end all wars; for those yet to be born. And above all there is the healing of Lowenah's heart...

This driving desire, to do the right thing, for Love to win out, spurs them on no matter the odds, no matter the cost to them.

These, the future leaders and wizards of untold numbers of future universes filled with those only knowing innocence, love, peace and freedom beckon you to plunge headlong into the fray at their side to see and experience what they willingly sacrifice so that and I...might enjoy life as Lowenah means for it to be...

Fiction & Literature
March 29
Ava D. Dohn
Draft2Digital, LLC

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