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This first volume of Shelby Foote's classic narrative of the Civil War opens with Jefferson Davis’s farewell to the United Senate and ends on the bloody battlefields of Antietam and Perryville, as the full, horrible scope of America’s great war becomes clear. Exhaustively researched and masterfully written, Foote’s epic account of the Civil War unfolds like a classic novel. 
Includes maps throughout.
"Here, for a certainty, is one of the great historical narratives…a unique and brilliant achievement, one that must be firmly placed in the ranks of the masters."—Van Allen Bradley, Chicago Daily News

"A stunning book full of color, life, character and a new atmosphere of the Civil War, and at the same time a narrative of unflagging power. Eloquent proof that an historian should be a writer above all else." —Burke Davis

"To read this great narrative is to love the nation—to love it through the living knowledge of its mortal division. Whitman, who ultimately knew and loved the bravery and frailty of the soldiers, observed that the real Civil War would never be written and perhaps should not be. For me, Shelby Foote has written it.... This work was done to last forever." —James M. Cox, Southern Review

November 12
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Customer Reviews

JuniusSevin ,

The Civil War, a narrative. Shelby Foote

Mr. Foote’s narrative brings the triumphs and tragedies of the American Civil War to life as few, if any, dry historical accounts have done on the subject.
Read this in the context of the 21st Century and know that history does live on in our lives today.

ElDiabloDeLosAves ,

Wow...THE Civil War book.

This series of 3 books is worth every penny. It's a phenomenal work in all respects. Flawless research, and a Good Read to boot. Well done, Mr. Foote, truly well done!

Profschmid ,

No time to lose - read this book now

Shelby Foote's Civil War is an enormous, truly masterful work. As you read it and become engulfed in the story, take a minute to realize how amazing this book is. It is among the best history series (it really is three books) ever. Also, i think the old adage is correct: if you study history, you will learn about America. If you study the civil war, you will love America. Shelby Foote makes you love America.

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