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While digging through the ruins of a long dead civilization on the planet Mawcett, a team of Terran and Nordakian archeologists find an underground tunnel leading to a door in such extraordinary condition that it could have been fabricated as recently as that morning. They labor throughout the day, using every modern device available to them, but are unable to gain entry. 

Then, in the early hours of the new day, seemingly in response to the screams of a frustrated, over-tired scientist, the door slides noiselessly open. Upon passing through the entranceway, the archeologists are stunned to find an elaborate complex in pristine condition. Summoning the courage to venture further, they enter a large circular chamber lined with strange electronic equipment, and immediately become engrossed in examining strange symbols etched into the floor near the center of the room. Suddenly, they're bathed in a strange light that paralyzes them where they stand. They watch in frozen terror as a clear, circular wall rises up around them. When the enclosed area begins to fill with a dense ocher gas smelling of persimmons, the dig site laborers, who had witnessed the activity from the periphery, run screaming for the entrance.

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From the Back Cover:

"Oh, Commander is it?" The Raider captain said. "Well, Commander, we have one of your officers up here. If you don't turn over the equipment, you'll never see her again."

"She knew the risks and she knows we'd rescue her if we could. But she also knows we won't pay ransom for any Space Command officer or every piece of scum in the galaxy would be trying to kidnap them. Tell her we're sorry and we wish her well."

"What kind of people are you?!" the Tsgardi captain screamed. "How can you leave your people to die with your enemies? Don't you have some rule about never leaving any-one behind in an engagement?"

"This engagement isn't over yet, Captain."

The captain didn't respond for a few seconds. "Brave talk, but you don't have a chance. We could destroy you in seconds, but we want the technology more."

The com screen suddenly went blank. Jenetta knew their fate would be the same whether she had complied or not.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 9
Vinnia Publishing
Thomas John DePrima

Customer Reviews

Bagman19:7 ,

Clones of Mawcett

Space opera at its best. Delightful to read, and maintains reader interest throughout the book.

Prereed ,

Clones of Mawcett

Mr DePrima has done it again. His writing and story telling is hard to resist. Thank you for a great read!

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