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When Carrie Allen learns that her father has arranged a marriage between her and Justin Monroe, she knows that a pair couldn't be more mismatched. And she wants out!

Justin Monroe has loved Carrie for years, so he jumps at the chance to marry her. But he's in for a surprise when she tells him the truth...and asks for an annulment.

Too bad for her he's not willing to give up.

February 27
Ruth Ann Nordin
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

CompleteUndertaleTrash ,

I loved this book

I was not expecting certain scenes, which made them all the better. I love this story of how she starts off hating him and learns to love him.

SteveLay ,


This was written by a high school student...

henninggirl ,


This book was so awful!! Not only was it one of the most poorly written I have ever come across (note to author, NO ONE EVER SAID 'TONGUE ACTION' IN THE 19TH CENTURY!!) It's also one of the most infuriating! All the characters agree that the heroine is smart and kind and wonderful, yet they all tell her she's just being stubborn and that they know what's best for her when she's forced into a marriage that she doesn't want, and is extremely vocal about not wanting, to simply get her out of their hair. And their pitch for this dude is that he won't be a dick to her and may even have a sense of humor.......WHAT A DREAMBOAT!!! I lost any sympathy for the "hero" when he went along with this horrendous premise. The advice he's given is, "just kiss her. Even though she's SCREAMING 'no', what she really means is yes. You as a man, just need to show her that." I'm paraphrasing, but that is what he is told and GOES ALONG WITH!! That is a level of gross I just don't tolerate from authors who live in THIS CENTURY!!!

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