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The COMPLETE works of Ralph Waldo Emerson

All of the Essays, All of the Poems, All of the Letters!  In one Great Collection!

Ralph Waldo Emerson's genius is celebrated on several counts.  Firstly his essays have come to be revered for their astonishing perspicacity and insight, with certain essays in particular - such as "Self-Reliance" achieving near-legendary status.  This huge anthology contains all of Emerson's essays, preserved in collections as they were originally published - including many rare essays that have been left out of out of other collections, such as "Papers from the Dial".

Despite the fame from his Essays and Lectures, Emerson preferred to be remembered as a poet.  He was an incredibly prolific writer, composing dozens of poems in almost every decade of his life.  This ebook contains a complete collection of all 219 of Emerson's poems, divided into 6 sections as they were originally published.

Emerson is also remembered as the leader of the Transcendentalist movement, and as a champion of Individualism (as detailed in "Self-Reliance").  His thoughts and philosophies are thoroughly detailed in his Essays, but the letters of his personal correspondence with the Scottish philosopher and essayist Thomas Carlyle provide a new insight into his complex thought process. This collection contains all 191 letters taken from their correspondence, which spanned a period of 38 years.

This huge and comprehensive collection has been carefully collected, formatted and edited, to create a crisp and clean text, free of errors or glitches.  There is a fully interactive table of contents, with individual links to each essay, poem and letter in the collection, for a smooth and enjoyable reading experience.

The contents of this complete Anthology are as follows:


- Essays

- Essays, First Series

- Essays, Second Series

- Representative Men

- English Traits

- The Conduct of Life

- Society and Solitude

- Letters and Social Aims

- Lectures and Biographical Sketches

- Miscellanies

- Natural History of Intellect and Other Papers

- Papers From the Dial


- I. Poems

- II. May-Day and Other Pieces

- III. Elements and Mottoes

- IV. Quatrains and Translations

- V. Appendix

- VI. Poems of Youth and Early Manhood 1823-1834


- The Correspondence of Carlyle and Emerson

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June 20
Andrew Holland

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