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The first novel in the nationally bestselling McCabe and Savage series—perfect for fans of John Sandford and CJ Box.

Someone is stealing the hearts of beautiful women...

Detective Mike McCabe moved from a top homicide job with the NYPD to Portland, Maine to leave his failed marriage and suspicions of wrongdoing behind, and to find a more peaceful life for himself and his 13 year old daughter.

But the small New England city is not nearly as safe as he thought.

On a warm September night, a missing high-school athlete is found dead in a scrap metal yard, her heart removed from her body with surgical precision. As outrage over the killing spreads, a young business woman disappears while out on a morning jog.

McCabe is certain both crimes are the work of one man—a murderer skilled in cardiac surgery who is using his scalpel to target young women. With the clock ticking, McCabe and his partner Maggie Savage find themselves in a desperate race against time to find and rescue the missing woman before she becomes the next victim of the sadistic killer's blade.

Mysteries & Thrillers
June 3
Witness Impulse

Customer Reviews

LoveGoodBooks90 ,

Good tead

Well written, interesting and flowed nicely. Will read more by this author.

DC1718 ,

The Cutting

I basically enjoyed this book, BUT...it has some major flaws, which I’ll explain below.
The main character, Detective McCabe, is likeable & interesting. The plot is intriguing & builds to an exciting conclusion.
BUT...McCabe’s partner, Detective Maggie Savage, only has a minor part in the story. I thought that was odd, since this is the first book in the ‘McCabe & Savage’ series. I had read another book in the series before this one, “The Chill of Night”. And, after reading both books, I still know almost nothing about Det. Savage. Seems odd, huh?
BUT...Det. Savage isn’t the only character shortchanged by the author. The other women in the books are mostly victims, eye candy, or only part of the plot as they support ‘their man’. Apparently Mr. Hayman doesn’t think of women as real people, just extensions of the men in their lives.
THEN...the author committed a real ‘deal-breaker’, at least in my opinion. He referred to the kidnapper/RAPIST/killer as his victim’s ‘lover’. SERIOUSLY, Mr. Hayman? A perpetrator who kidnaps someone, holds them hostage, tortures them & repeatedly rapes them is a criminal & a MONSTER, not a lover! And even if the victim tries to please him, in order to avoid more torture and/or death, they haven’t become ‘lovers’, you idiot! And your use of that term deeply insults sexual trauma victims.
SO...I won’t be reading anything else by this author, nor recommending him to anyone I discuss books with. It’s a shame Mr. Hayman has nullified his writing talent by devaluating half the population...women...and insulting rape victims. But I doubt that he cares.

Halsterx ,

The Cutting

Good read. As good as anything Patterson has written and a lot cheaper!

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