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Mede of the Draig knows three things for a fact: As the only female dragon-shifter of her people, she is special. She can kick the backside of any man. And she absolutely doesn’t want to marry.

Mede has spent a lifetime trying to prove herself as strong as any male warrior. Unfortunately, being the special, rare creature she is, she’s been claimed as the future bride to nearly three dozen Draig—each one confident that when they come for her hand in marriage fate will choose them. When the men aren’t bragging about how they’re going to marry her, they’re acting like she’s a delicate rare flower in need of their protection.

She is far from a shrinking solarflower.

Prince Llyr of the Draig knows four things for a fact: He is the future king of the dragon-shifters. He must act honorably in all ways. He absolutely, positively is meant to marry Lady Mede. And she dead set against marriage.

Llyr’s fate rests in the hands of a woman determined not to have any man. With a new threat emerging amongst their cat-shifting neighbors, a threat whose eyes are focused firmly on Mede, time may be running out. It is up to him to convince her to be his dragon queen.

About the Series Book 9

Before four princes and four noblemen found their brides, before the death of the Var King Attor and the threat of the Tyoe miners, there was a time of peace on the planet of Quirlixen. It was not a strong peace, but it had lasted for quite some time between the cat-shifting Var kingdom and their northern neighbors the dragon-shifting Draig. It lasted because both sides had very little to do with each other. It is here the dragons found their queen.

April 20
The Raven Books LLC
Michelle M. Pillow

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plage1 ,

This is where it all began

Medellyn is special. She's a very rare female dragon shifter. Endlessly courted by the males in her life, Medellyn , or Mede as she preferred to be called, wanted only to left alone to enjoy the things she loved to do; like train to be a warrior, ride ceffyls, and hunt in the forest. Daring to join a secret male-only dragon shifter sect, she meets a Var male in cat-shifter lands while completing an initiation rite to join the sect. The chance meeting sets off a chain of events that will change both of their lives. Prince Llyr, future king of the Draig, watches Lady Mede from a careful distance. He feels bound to her, but knows that if he comes on too strong, he'll lose her. Can Mede forget the strange blond cat-shifter? Will Prince Llyr ever be able to declare his feelings for her without it driving her away? Read this exciting story about a strong-willed heroine and the men who love her and find out!

Contessajj ,

A strong female shifter and the fated mate you can’t help loving

I love that these two have background. Mede doesn’t even realize Llyr has been watching her since he was a boy. The way these characters interact is so heartachingly sweet, with a touch of sadness for the misunderstanding you can see coming a mile away. Their angsty romance is derailed by a couple of twists thrown in their path resulting in an action packed fun sexy read.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

nicknamesaredumbcubed ,

Prequel to the Dragon Series

This story was the prequel to the Qurilixen dragon series. The female lead was a bit of a spoiled brat. She crushed her own magic stone when she was young because she wanted to dictate her own destiny. Then she proceeded to push away the guy she was attracted to, that declared his love to her, because she didn’t think his stone was saying they were compatible. I had a hard time liking this leading lady and the disjointed logic behind her thoughts and behavior. She played hard to get for way too long.

Nonetheless, I gave this story four stars because it was well written and it put some context to events that happen in some of the other stories. I do like the fantasy of the Qurilixen universe Michelle M. Pillow has created. The Space Lords series is my favorite, followed by the Var series.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review

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