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Published: 1933

Zane Grey evokes the atmosphere, hardships and possibilities of the Old West like nobody else. In 'The Drift Fence', Jim Taft, a stranger from Missouri, has the Herculean task of fencing off a large Arizonan ranch to prevent cattle-rustling, in the face of fierce local opposition. There's also the lovely Molly Dunn to distract him; but how can he hope to woo the sister of his chief enemy?

When the first drift fence is built across a free cattle range, anger overflows. Jim Traft, the tenderfoot in charge of building the fence, finds himself in deep trouble.

It takes all of his wits to stay alive, let alone complete the fence. But with courage and tenacity Traft finishes his work and lives to see it bring new order to the range.

July 31
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Sergiy Kurash

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mtlowry ,

Zane Grey - The Drift Fence

Just finished a trip back to the old west. Young Jim Traft left his home in Missouri to work for his uncle and build a drift fence to help control where cattle wandered. But problems keep cropping up for young Jim because learning the cattle business in Arizona at that historic time wasn't easy. Add in the cowboys he has to learn how to control and a certain young lady Jim falls head over heels in love with and the outlaws who don't want him to succeed and you have a great read. Zane Grey has long been one of my personal favorites for his abilities to pull you into the middle of the action as well as painting a picture of places you may not have seen and making your read that much more enjoyable. Will soon be starting the sequel, The Hash Knife Outfit. Let's see what's in store for Jim, Molly and his Diamond outfit of cowboys in this book.

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