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An interactive and media rich textbook on The Electric Field.  Topics covered are charge, electric fields, electric forces, current, resistance, voltage, and Ohm's Law.  This book contains content and assessments in the Electric and Magnetic phenomena California Content Standards. This is book four in the Interactive Physics Book Series.

Science & Nature
April 24
Tony Farley
Anthony Farley
Grades 6-14

Customer Reviews

scientistt ,

Physics Instructor

This book is fantastic for student use. The concepts of electricity are presented so that the students willingly interact and become engaged in their own learning.
The layout is enticing and colorful, as are the flu-though of the formulas, which is unique.

Tim Sneed ,

Exactly what I was looking for

This book is fantastic! I am an engineer with a degree in physics so I became an instant Kickstarter supporter the very day I heard about this project on MacBreak Weekly.

I have 5 kids so you can imagine that I have become quite the math and science tutor over the years. One thing my kids seem to lack is my passion for science. They don't seem to visualize the universe in the way I do. I think it is due to a combination of things. I had an exceptional physics teacher in high school and he gave us great visual aids. This book brings great visuals and an interactive experience that I can use to tutor my children. If we can get this kind of interactivity into the classroom text books, it will help even out the playing field between good teachers and great ones.

My area of focus in collage was Mechanics so I can't wait for the "Force and Motion" section to be released.

This book met my expectations and more. Keep up the good work!

ScienceGirl900 ,

Great Learning Tool!

Mr. Farley's interactive physics book is sure to be a hit among teenagers and young adults who like learning with interactive media. They will be learning basic concepts of physics in no time at all with engaging pages that come to life!

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