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All she asked for was a fake boyfriend. What she got was a whole lot more.

The only woman Gideon Mackenzie has ever loved just so happens to be his former best friend. After watching her endure a brutal trial and near constant harassment from her ex, the last thing Gideon could do was lie to her. Which is why he walked away. But now Piper is knocking on his door and she needs a favor: play her fake boyfriend for a week.

Piper Erin is a woman on a mission to heal herself. After launching a successful career, she's turning her attention to a more personal level. She's done watching her friends fall in love. Piper wants to become a woman worthy of falling in love with, but she needs practice going through the motions. The only person for the job is the one man she can't forget.

What begins as a well-intended date quickly heats up as these two friends discover years of pent-up desire. They might click perfectly in bed, but that doesn't make years of hurt go away. They'll have to face their past if they want a future.

Gone Geek; an Aegis Group spin off

Beauty and the Geek

Mr. Purr-fect and the Geek

The Jock and the Geek

The Gamer and the Geek

The Adorkable Girl and the Geek

The Fake Boyfriend and the Geek

Aegis Group

Dangerous Attraction

Dangerous in Training

Dangerous Games

Dangerous Assignment

Dangerous Protector

Aegis Group Alpha Team

Dangerous in Love

Dangerous in Action

Dangerous in Transit

Dangerous in Motion

Dangerous in Charge (May 2018)

Aegis Group Lepta Team

Dangerously Taken

Dangerously Involved (2018)

Dangerously Deceived (2018)

Dangerously Broken (2019)

Dangerously Entwined (2019)

Body of Danger

Heart of Danger

Mind of Danger (2018)

Soul of Danger (2019)

Twisted Royals; an Aegis Group spin off

Alpha Prince

Her Prince

Bad Boy Prince

Noble Prince

January 16
Inked Press
Inked Press

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