The Faker

A Marriage of Convenience Hockey Romance

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Publisher Description

NHL hotshot Torsten Hansen is a lot of things. My husband shouldn’t be one of them. 

One emotional night slinging tequila shots and singing karaoke with the Hawks defenseman turns into more than I bargained for. A wicked hangover, an eviction notice, and a marriage proposal. 

If Torsten and I wed, he can fulfill a promise to his grandmother and the debt I’m drowning in will be paid by his trust fund. It’s a win-win, an easy and straightforward arrangement between friends. 

So what if my friend has piercing blue eyes, a sensual smirk, and a body that occupies my dreams? It shouldn’t matter that Torsten understands my past and makes me feel safe. Home. 

Except it does. Because if I give my heart to my husband, how will I survive our eventual divorce? 

April 21
Three Cities Publishing LLC
Gina Azzi

Customer Reviews

cjbqueen ,


It’s few and far between that you come across an author that can make you feel as if your a part of the character’s futures. This is exactly what is conveyed in this series. You laugh, cry and are truly invested in the feelings of each character. They are a MUST READ!

Jenn the Readaholic ,

I couldn’t put it down!

This is my first book by this author, but it is far from the last I’ll ever read! In fact, I’m going to go back to the books before this one in the series. Not that I have to, since this reads well as a stand-alone and gives the info needed to know who everyone is, but because I was THAT involved in this story.

Torsten and Rielle fool themselves into believing that they’re marrying each other for all the “right” reasons. The “not love” reasons. So when lines get blurred and erased, hearts are on the line. And when Torsten needs to deal with family matters and some of the saddest days of his life, Rielle is by his side every step...until he pulls a dumb man move. I wanted to cry and scream at Torsten and cry for Rielle, but I also had to love how they were each set free. Free to find themselves. Free to wallow in misery. And free to stop and think about what they truly wanted out of it, love, family. All of it.

This story flowed so well that I was stunned to find that I was halfway through. Then again when I realized that I’d hit the last page. Why? Because I wanted more. More pages. More time with Torsten and Rielle. So now I’ll head back to the beginning of the series and wait for the next new book to be written. Because I have a feeling this series will be a winner from start to finish.

#1word❤️ ,

Love this series!

Torsten and Rielle! These two have quite the story!

Some say that you can never go home again, those people must’ve known the messed up lives of Torsten and Rielle.
Having difficult families and lots of hurt feelings are just a little bit of their story but as any good story, there is a little drama and conflict to keep you turning the page to see what happens next.
Torsten and Rielle’s adventure begins with an arrangement of Convenience for the both of them but there’s more than simplifying both of their lives at stake when it comes to matters of the heart.

Austin’s story is next and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next installment of this fun series by one of my favorite Authors!

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