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The accident.
The lie.
The fallout will be huge . . .

When Liza’s little boy has an accident at the local health club, it’s all anyone can talk about.

Was nobody watching him?
Where was his mother?
Who’s to blame?

The rumours, the finger-pointing, the whispers – they’re everywhere. And Liza’s best friend, Sarah, desperately needs it to stop.

Because Sarah was there when it happened. It was all her fault. And if she’s caught out on the lie, everything will fall apart . . .

‘A fizzing, unputdownable, gripping read’ Elizabeth Day

‘The perfect page-turner’ Susan Lewis

‘Secrets, lies, suspicion and betrayal: THE FALLOUT has it all – and then some’ T M Logan


‘Full of secrets and lies, the perfect page-turner’ Sunday Times bestseller, Susan Lewis

‘A fizzing, unputdownable, gripping read’ Elizabeth Day

‘A compelling, all-too-recognisable story that shows we’re never more than one bad decision away from losing everything that matters. Secrets, lies, suspicion and betrayal: THE FALLOUT has it all – and then some’ T M Logan

‘A sharp, witty look at friendships and frenemies’ HEAT

‘The Fallout is a story about what happens when you become trapped in a lie . . . Chock-full of suspense and drama, this was very difficult to put down and reminded me a lot of Liane Moriarty’s novels. Once you start reading, better turn off your phone and snuggle in for the night’
Sally Hepworth

‘Absolutely compulsive, I couldn’t put it down. Perfect for fans of Liane Moriarty and The Slap’ Suzy K Quinn

‘Brilliant on female friendships, on motherhood and the complex nuances of being a woman . . . Loved it!’ Katy Regan

‘Will get everyone talking! A gripping, bitingly witty snapshot of school-gate politics, The Fallout is as heartfelt as it is satirical, peeling back the emotional layers of parenthood, marriage and, above all, friendship’ Samantha King

About the author

Rebecca Thornton is an alumna of the Faber Academy Writing A Novel course, where she was tutored by Esther Freud and Tim Lott. Her writing has been published in The Guardian, You Magazine, Daily Mail, Prospect Magazine and The Sunday People amongst others. She has reported from the Middle East, Kosovo and the UK. She now lives in West London with her husband and two children.

The Fallout is her third novel.

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