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What does it mean when you’re feared by everyone?

They called him The Father for a reason.

As the youngest Underboss in Benetti Family history, Luca was already on his way to dethroning his father at the tender age of thirty. Born and bred to, one day, become the head of the Benetti Crime Family, he’d been shown no mercy. Raised by a neglectful mother and abusive father, he was exactly the monster he’d been groomed to be.

Still, even the most dangerous monsters can still fall victim to human emotions, and Luca’s no exception. He loves only three people in the world, and he makes no secret of it. With that clear understanding, no one doubts the blackness that surrounds his heart and soul. On the verge of taking over everything that’s been promised to him, Luca’s ready for it all. However, he wasn’t ready for Remy Christian.

Life was harder than she had been prepared for, and Remy Christian could feel the exhaustion taking over. When she had made the decision to go into social work, she’d had plans on rescuing children everywhere and changing the world. With a blessed childhood and supportive parents, there was no reason she believed that she couldn’t make a difference. Doing good should be the only choice.

Still, even with all those good intentions, her idealistic goal was proving harder and harder with every day. She just couldn’t wrap her mind around the mistreatment of children. She’s becoming more and more disheartened, but she refuses to give up. If Remy can save just one child, it’s worth all the sleepless nights. However, her difficult choices still don’t prepare her for Luca Benetti.

When your past, present, and future change nothing…
When Luca makes a dangerous mistake, his only choice is to correct it. With the grace and predatory instinct of a panther, he stalks, corners, and devours his prey as expected. Only this time, his prey fights back, and he can’t help but be fascinated by Ms. Remy Christian.

When Remy makes the dangerous mistake of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, her only choice is to run for her life. She’s heard all the whispers, and she knows exactly who is after her. Though she does her best to avoid the Benetti Crime Family, Mr. Luca Benetti has different plans.

Face-to-face with the biggest mistakes of their lives, the easiest solution is to end the threat. However, things become slightly more complicated with what happens next.

NOTE: This book contains adult language, adult situations, explicit sexual encounters, violence, torture, and delicate subject matter. If sensitive to any of the aforementioned issues, please do not purchase.

June 21
M.E. Clayton
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