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To avoid spending her future living off the kindness of relatives, spinster Miss Eleanor Lockhart must secure a position as a paid companion. Ruined after succumbing to a scoundrel’s excessive charm nearly a decade ago, she’s lucky to obtain employment and committed to behaving with the utmost propriety. She definitely shouldn’t be in the arms of a man capable of utterly destroying what little remains of her reputation...

Titus St. John, Duke of Kendal, is known as the Forbidden Duke, a mysterious, intimidating figure who enters Society just once each year at his stepmother’s ball. A decade ago, he was a devil-may-care rake until his idle roguery brought about the ruin of Eleanor Lockhart—and his resulting self-imposed isolation. Now she’s back, and she needs his help. But by “saving” her, he may just ruin her life all over again.

March 15
Darcy Burke
Darcy Burke

Customer Reviews

aryl78 ,

Not bad

It needs a stronger B story. I think the A story, the romance, was fine.
I don’t think enough was made of the scandal that would result from a duke wedding a miss instead of the daughter of a peer. A duke is the highest non-royal peer so it would be earth shattering for him to marry so far beneath him.
As for the B story, I think some coordination between antagonists would have made it more compelling. Maybe Nora and Titus could work together to thwart them. Just a thought.
It’s really not a bad story, though. I read a review that suggested Nora was too easy considering her past, but I disagree. Her desires were normal and her real regret was getting caught. Society was to blame for her problem. They accepted the behavior of the man but not the woman. She was ruined and he was able to move on. She was more careful the second time around, ensuring she didn’t get caught.

Jennhennone ,

Fun read

The characters are glowing and the setting was perfect for this quick read. I would love to read the rest of the series!

Anemonblu ,

She learned nothing.

Ruined at a young age, 9 years in exile and she promises herself she’s learned her lesson- but the first opportunity she gets she’s begging for kisses and the second — spreading her legs. I couldn’t even read it I was so disappointed in her stupidity. It wasn’t a satisfying union it was frustrating that her character had made no progress. There could have been so much more romantic and sexual tension built up between these two if the author had let them be apart more!

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