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It’s hard to be respectable…

Sinfully seductive Jasper Sinclair, Earl of Saxton, made a bargain with the devil—his father—to marry in one month’s time. But instead of declaring his intentions for an acceptable debutante, he rebels by pursuing a captivating woman who may not be what she seems. 

When you’d rather be wicked…

Orphaned seamstress Olivia West wants to lead an honest, respectable life, but the passionately determined Earl of Saxton launches a daunting campaign to make her his mistress. Destitute and desperate, Olivia concocts a scheme to give them both what they want. But when Jasper detects Olivia’s deception, he vows to claim what he’s owed—not his money, her.

June 5
Zealous Quill Press
Darcy Burke

Customer Reviews

ClaudiaS1234 ,

It was good.

The reason I did not give this book a 5 is becasue some of the same mistakes were done over and over by the characters and I found it annoying when It lasted almost the entire book. Jasper continously didn’t trust Olivia, even when he finds out that his Aunt knew her secrets all along and was ok with them. Olivia didn’t trust Jasper until close to the end as well and it just made for too much reptition. I disagree with a review here, which says sthat Jasper is hung up on his previous love, Abigail. I think the history just haunts him, I wouldn’t say he can’t love Olivia because of Abigail. It kept me turning the page, but I am glad it was free.

Jennhennone ,

All around delicious

This book was exactly what I wanted! The characters were witty and charming, the story was solid, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.

sbsbrinson ,


I love Book 1 about Fox and Michelle (Jasper’s sister) but loved this one a bit more! Jasper is a good person who suffers a lot of guilt but who is also stuck with awful parents. His salvation is his aunt. Olivia is a gentle sound who has had a very difficult life but has never given up. The attraction between she and Jasper is like fuel to a fire but her lack of ‘ blood’ in this historical novel makes their love a challenge.

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